Ahh the dragon awards. albeit a bit LATE.

Sorry about that. life an all got in the way.

Fucking whining about puppies AGAIN? Good grief.

It has….come to the wolf’s attention that the same folks who were all in an uproar about Sad Puppies in recent years;  are now pissing and moaning  about awards again. Saying that the Dragon Awards is a right wing loaded fest.   *scratches my head and holds up a finger*  Uhhhhhh….have any of you simpering, panting, and foaming at the mouth hydrophobic fuckers ever  actually BEEN to a DragonCon?  The Dragon Awards are run by the same folks you know. So you’re insulting the folks who run the most loved and well known con outside of the various Comicons, by questioning their integrity?  Y’all grok ‘pot, kettle, black’?  No. Cereally, because jesus jumpin h christ assfucking an alligators corpse, that’s projection of epic proportions.   Furthermore I thought this was supposed to be by and FOR the fans. By allowing the withdrawls the award committee spit upon the fans ANDtheir own rules right along side the authors involved.

Lets start with Madam Jemisin shall we?

I found out belatedly that The Obelisk Gate had been nominated for the Dragon Awards, basically when I started to hear murmurs that the awards were especially problematic this year. I went to go see what the problem was… and lo and behold, there was my book. No one had notified me I was on the ballot. Apparently not many people affiliated with DragonCon even know the awards exist, or that voting is currently open. So basically I found out by complete chance.

Yes well boo boo’s do happen and I would think you’d be grateful that your FANS got you on the ballot.

There’s a nasty tendency on the part of some organizations to try and use tokens — most often women and people of color — as ornamentation and flak shielding. It’s a way of saying, “Hey! Look! We’re diverse. We’re fair. [Person X’s presence] proves it!” when in fact the fairness may be an unearned veneer and the diversity a reluctant afterthought

Ohhh…you mean like…The Hugos?  I DARE anyone reading this…go look at teh photo’s of Hugo Winners. You will find…despite screaming about how diverse they are during the Sad Puppy kerfluffles that the winners were overwhelmingly white, old, and more often than not..MALE though there were a number of old white women in them photos too.  SMH and Ms Jemisin wants to talk about tokenism? I did mention pot kettle black didn’t I?   *facepalm* She then goes on to mention a phone call she had with an award committee member and was assured that the votes which put her on the ballot were in fact, legitimate and withdrew anyway.  Seriously lady?  You’ve got a real towering ego there, to think your detractors, of which I’m one, would  vote you onto an awards ballot simply for tokenism.   Hate to break it to you…ya just ain’t that important to those of us that dislike you. Outside of seeing you as someone to heap laughter upon and scorn you for your antics.

Now we move on to  Madam Littlewood who said the following..

As stated in my previous post, I have contacted the Dragon Awards administrators to request that my nomination for The Hidden People be withdrawn. The book has been selected as part of a voting slate by a member of the ‘Rabid Puppies’ voting bloc, which I feel may have undue influence over the awards outcome. I have no connection with the Rabid Puppies and have no wish to benefit from any kind of interference in the voting process.

I wonder if she ever stopped to consider that Vox or whoever got it on Vox’s list of nominees (and yes it was on his nominee list) …actually gasp likes her work?  Just because you disagree with someones politics doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the story they tell.   See if he was doing it because he disliked her and wanted to pack a ballot he’d have nominated NK Jemisin.  Or maybe K “Tempest in a Teacup” Bradford.  Though I’m not sure whether Tempest has written anything recently that would be eligible *shrug*  Hell if the personal held politics of someone could make me stop reading or watching someone…there would be in the case of the latter…a metric fuckton of movies and tv shows I would no longer watch. Hell in the case of both there would be a metric fuckton of stuff I’d have sold off because of it.  Only valid reason in my eyes to sell or donate books is space considerations, hence why I’m going primarily the ebook route now; and/or it just doesn’t interest me anymore.  There is some stuff I’ve held onto simply because if I get rid of it and I change my mind, it’ll be impossible to find again locally.

Madam Littlewood went on to thank her fans and supporters for their support because initially the Dragons were not going to let her withdraw.  Something they’ve changed their minds about. Which is how Madam Jemisin was able to withdraw.

I’d lash on John Scalzi for a bit…but he’s  reconsidered and is staying on. Plus I’m already bored with this. to be honest where Scalzi is concerned I’m stunned he stayed.   I disagree with and generally hold Scalzi in contempt for his politics. I do like his Old Man’s War books, can’t stand the rest of them though. Utter Stinkers.  However as many people are known to say..YMMV.


Lets Talk About Charlest..nah lets talk about blind, hypocritical STUPIDITY

What’s up germs and virii. Yeah..I’m back. A day later on this than I promised a few friends but…life has been keeping me busy so suck it the fuck up boys. I keep my promises. For you new people..I swear like a sailor welcome to my house.

A friend I’ll simply call Gunny made a point on failbook recently in the wake of Charleston VA.  Frankly it’s a point that’s been made by others else where but..gist of it is…if you’ve condoned the violence and hatred spread by BLM, Antifa etc but are all the sudden up in arms about the ‘Nazi’s’ then guess what? You are a part of the fucking problem. You’re also a HUGE hypocritical cockweasel . You don’t like it?  I simply don’t care.  The KKK, Neo Nazi’s, BLM, BLM and others are simply the same side of the totalitarian one sides coin. If you can’t see that then that is, depending on who you are and your age…either sad, or contemptible.  I don’t blame the kids involved in this, the little twits were brought up that way by their parents to believe this crap in many cases. Regardless these kids should know right from wrong and if they engage in this kind of violence should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law..AS ADULTS.   I blame the teachers out there who inculcate and indoctrinate their students in this shit. I blame the PARENTS who teach their kids this kind of shit is okay.

When did all this start some people are gonna ask? Honestly?  My own .02c is the following.  The resurgence of the ‘neo nazi’s’ can be laid square at the feet of a certain stripe of liberal, certain of our governmental leaders, and the legacy media.  The ‘nazi’s” were by and large for the last 2 decades or so, really kind of….a joke. People we made fun of for their beliefs and laughed at but left alone because they’re essentially harmless and like the rest of us, have a constitutional right to live their own lives as they see fit.  This is America.  You’re free to believe what you want and say what you think and that’s CONSTITUTIONALLY FUCKING PROTECTED! Even if people think it’s “hate speech”  anyway…the white supremacist groups were largely harmless, and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.  Still are really. However they are seemingly seeing a resurgence why? The identity politics and hate pushed by both supposed sides but in the main by the regressive left.  It is also Obama’s legacy.  Think back to the very beginning of his term…a loud mouth college professor and a run in with the cops.  Before all, HELL before ANY of the goddamn facts were known Obama that same day or maybe it was the next said it was wrong that the cops were wrong.  Any of you remember that? Hmmm?  Remember that grandstanding show  and the circus freak show ‘beer summit’? Now there was some bad comedy.   This was the first of many events that Obama and the regressive left would use to drive a further and further wedge between American’s with varying beliefs.  Trayvon Martin and the ‘he could have been my son’ bullshit.   Michael Brown and Ferguson and the litany goes on and on and on. The media is also as guilty as the devil himself in all this. They actively aided and abetted the driving of the wedge. Constantly driving the narrative of ‘white man kills black boy/man. Why?’  Call them on it by pointing out actual crime statistics and the overwhelming prevalence of black on black crime and that FAR more blacks are killed by other blacks and you either get called racist for denying there is ‘systemic racism’, or you get “well…well…we’re not talking about that”  Which begs the question WHY are we not talking about the systematic degradation and destruction of the black community and black families..BY THE VERY FUCKING GODDAMNED DEMOGAUGING RACE PIMPS who decry  the ‘inherent racism of america against the black man’; all the fucking while…they are making MILLIONS off their demogaugery! Shit an elephant! In many cases these ‘race’ pimp, alligator corpse fucking cockweasals are  actually fucking evading their tax obligations while getting even richer.  You notice you’ll only see people like the Right Rev Al Sharpton,  Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Quannell X and others saying how sad and agregious the violence is when it’s a white on black killing, whether it turns out to be justified or not.  But look around when there’s a black on black crime or murder or multiple murders.  You’ll find these race baiting demagogues are nowhere to be found.  why is that?  I can tell you why. because black on black murder headlines don’t. make. them. money.  These folks don’t really care about their communities outside of how they can reap huge financial windfalls off certain kinds of tragedies. Frankly… there isn’t any money in black on black crime.  Or black on latino crime, or black on asian…PICK a fucking color combo other than WHITE on BLACK and it doesn’t. make. them. money. Or swell the ranks of their organizations.  None of those make the media any money either.

Now lets get back to the nazi’s for a minute. Remember I said they aren’t that much of a threat?  They aren’t. Well they weren’t until the last decade of the stupidity I just described of always blaming the white man, white guilt, white privilege, the white cis het male patriarchy, that supposedly keeps everyone not a white male down. That’s really bad fucking comedy because if that were true…just how many people of other nationalities and ‘races’ would there be in politics? How many women?  The answer is if there was some grand conspiracy like that…there wouldn’t be women at all or men of any color other than white…in the various halls of power on ANY governmental level.

Charleston would not have happened if a democrat mayor and government in a democrat run city NOT ordered the police to stay out of anything that might happen during the march and counter march. There’s a story of another one just like it in another city. The police kept the two sides apart, the march and protests went off without a hitch, without any violence whatsoever. I don’t think that’s  being talked about in the news much …doesn’t sell ad space or airtime. I could be wrong though since I tend to not give Pravda’s Brats any of  my time and energy.

Also why were the ‘nazi’s’ and others there. Why? to protest the removal of a monument to history…simply because he was a confederate general and a certain stripe of diktat spewing twit is upset by history. butthurt by it.  Stop whining and grow the hell up.  Look at what happened running up to the recent election with conservative speakers and the violence and hate on campuses against them. At Bezerkly College,  Milo Yionoppolous had to CANCEL a speaking engagement because Antifa and the rest were already there and started throwing shit, overturning cans and burning shit before Milo could even fucking GET there.  Anne Coulter…yep she was bounced off a campus before she could go to her event. STudent groups invited these people and Antifa, BLM and the rest of the fucktards shut them down…thereby silencing their fellow students right to freedom of speech and freedom of association. In the case of the Bezerkly just like in Charleston the police were ordered to. do. nothing.  Ferguson?  Eventually the police were ordered to do nothing while the town fucking burned.  By these actions, and actions like them…it’s my belief that folk who might otherwise have not one fucking thing to do with the white supremacists are being driven into their waiting arms because these folks figure ‘fuck it. might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. What’s next? the removal of statues of other famous people in american history simply because someone is offended by it? perhaps mount rushmore is next? The lincoln memorial? The Washington Monument? What’s next after that? Removal of these people and their actions and moments in history from the history texts?   There’s a word for that you know. It’s called Iconoclasm.   THIS is what the regressive assholes on the left are engaged in. If you control the writings, the history and the narrative..you control the population eventually because the ones coming up don’t KNOW actual history…only the cleansed history they’re presented. It is why I refer to the press as Pravda’s Brats or Goebbels Kids…the press now in the main is simply a propaganda machine.  They don’t report the news…they tell you what to think.  You doubt me?  Think of Mika Brezinki”s little freudian  slip on MSNBC  live on fucking AIR.  when President Trump called the press out and called them fake news..suggesting the people not give them the time of day.  Her response?

“He is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts,” she said about Trump. “And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think.”

“And that, that is our job,” she noted, referring to the media.

Propaganda machine. The Progressive Propaganda Ministry they are.

If we allow this to continue we get Orwells 1984

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.”

There’s another relevant quote I can’t think of right now

We’ll end up with Animal Farm which was warning of the dangers of socialism and communism “Some pigs are more equal than others”

We are…if people keep pushing at each other from various belief systems;  but for my money the ones pushing the hardest will be the regressive left because they believe they can win any civil war, wide spread violence and death. See I and many others, right, center and a few on the ‘left’ I’d call classical liberals’ understand something neither of the totalitarians who want to reshape things understand. If it goes that far…there will be. nothing. left. at the end.  It will be a guerilla war that will destroy this country, tear it apart.  Assassinations, Bombings, and pogroms oh my! See…this will likely be the nastiest, dirtiest and longest guerilla war the world has seen in the modern world in a long time.

The media, the regressive left and those in various bastions in regressive left socialist land…need to STOP lumping everyone together and calling them racist, misogynist, sexist etc etc just because people fucking disagree with them.  Stop provoking people, stop being assholes and maybe try and TALK to people with differing beliefs instead of calling them names.  You are just going to drive otherwise sane regular people into the arms of the Nazi’s and the supposed alt right in self goddamn defense. I suspect the latter has already happened. Stop it.   Also…stop tearing down and tearing our history apart to satisfy your need to control the goddamn narrative. It’s pissing everyone off. Those on the far right and the fringe right media outlets, stop it. If we can’t learn to talk to each other we’re going to end up killing each other in wholesale job lots in the middle of a bloody civil war. You REALLY want your kids to grow up in the middle of something like that? No? THEN FUCKING STOP IT! and Grow the fuck up!

Okay this is getting really depressing because this is all I’m seeing fucking everywhere. I’ve spoken my piece.  Frankly the mass hysterical stupidity makes me wish I were some well off dude with a hideaway in the mountains, UNDER the damn mountains ala Cheyenne Mountainbase.   Or maybe a volcano lair on an island somewhere protected by sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads.

Edit: and in a moment of shock. In Baltimore they removed 4 confederate statues under cover of night and put them somewhere.  A pastor has demanded the renaming of parks named after Jackson and Washington and the removal of the statue of washington from that park. the cleansing begins in earnest…sigh..


OMG Another Rare posting! Object lessons

Not much of one though. Idle thoughts mostly

Virginia…it’s been suggested that the two opposing groups should have been put in thunderdome style cage and let them fight it out til the last one standing and left alive and that one goes to jail.  IF the hype over this turns out to be true…works for me. It’s also been suggested that teh police were ORDERED not to interfere, thereby CONDONING the rioting and fuckery. If so…the police chief and the mayor need their heads mounted on fucking pikes in front of city hall still bleeding from the stumps of their necks. See the same shit was done by the mayor of berkley during the troubles there in recent months. Another set of heads that needs to be publicly displayed as an object warning.

White Privilege. Uhhh seriously?  another made up term to belittle people and make any relationships with them toxic? WTF? Anyone who utters that term with anything other than scorn and contempt for the concept needs to be permantly housed in a sanitarium somewhere.  Seriously. you wanna know how we got here ‘race relations’ wise? you need look no further back then the very BEGINNING of Obama’s term. To a hypocritical black college professor and Obama’s statement straight out the gate without having any facts, that the police were wrong.  then of course the long litany of other race relation deteriorating grand standing STUPIDITY.  Trayvon, Brown, etc etc etc ad fucking nauseum.  There is where things started going rapidly down hill again like shit through a goose.

North Korea- Fuck it. launch missile, bomber and artillery strikes and lay waste to North Korea and get it the fuck over with. As yet ANOTHER object lesson in…Do. Not. Fuck. With. Me.

Venezuela-  Yeah that one is it’s own object lesson, they don’t need any help. they made their bed and set it on fire..now let them lay down and die in it. Which they are…at a frightening always growing rate.  did you know that since chavez originally took over back in 99 the murder rate and violent death rate in general has been steadily sky rocketing? In a country of roughly now..30 million people…their violent death  rate last year was iirc 30000?  think about that.  I expect it will exceed that this year.  their neighbors are gonna have to step up to that plate after the full scale civil war breaks out.  and it will. not that I expect it to last long, not when private gun ownership was banned under Chavez’s successor. they closed the last civilian gun store while chavez was still alive.

OMG Trump is literally hitler and anyone who supports him is a nazi!   Sigh…go. fuck. yourself you upright amoeba and stop procreating.  Your stupidity and ignorance is a threat to the future existence of the species.

Sigh…I really don’t like  most of my fellow man right now. the rank stupidity being displayed is disheartening.

I need to go find something fun to do on this sunday afternoon. I’m out


A Rare Post

Yes! Hory Sheet! The Angry Sane Man is back! Well for a very rare occasional post.

What brings about this one?  The Calls for Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. The man has been in office a bare fucking MONTH you, results of a gang bang of a dockside hooker by a herd of passing donkeys!  Perpend…

Germs and Virii. Especially the liberals/progressives among you. . A few questions.Do you SERIOUSLY want Trump impeached? Do you actually understand what an impeachment process is? My own thoughts as to the 2nd? I have serious doubts that most of the folks screaming loudest for it have clue fucking one on the latter. I do. So let me explain something. In 241 years of this nations existence, not ONE sitting president has been successfully impeached. And only 3 if memory serves have ever had proceedings brought against them. 3 out of what is now 45 of them. That’s 7% that actually had proceedings brought against them of which 0% were actually successfully impeached. I’ll grant Nixon might have ended up being a successful impeachment,  if he hadn’t resigned. The other two Johnson and Clinton actually made it through the full trial, because that’s what an impeachment is, you amoebic brained moronic infants! A trial, NOT a fucking populist goddamn lynch mob!  I swear some of you fucking twits would fit right in with the KKK.  Don’t like the comparison? Life’s a bitch and then you die children,  because I’m not exactly fond of your infantile selves either.
Here’s more food for thought, lets assume it’s actually successful. Some of you will get a hard on by the thought of Trump being ousted.  However, *holds up a finger* have any of you necropheliac, che guevarra corpse fucking, sniveling little shits thought past the success of that?  *counts to 10 while you sit there slack jawed*  Yeaaaahhh..didn’t think so. What prize do you win? Why you win   your own completely ludicrous example of a personal boogie man, Mike Pence as the President. Yes the man the far left screams about wanting to round up all the gays and giving them shock aversion therapy to make them good little reedumacated straight people! *slow clap*  Okay…now  lets say you actually manage that by mid terms. [not. fucking. likely] Actually stop and think about that one folks.
Now here’s more food for thought…while history statistically is against it, lets say for shits and giggles that the republicans carry the midterms in 2018. What I’m proposing is that,  not only do repubs hold on to their current seats in the senate, of which only 8 are for grabs [or defense on teh republicans part], but manage to grab at least a 3rd or better of the DEMOCRAT seats up for grabs in the senate [of which there’s 26 iirc]. Not only that they make gains in the House. Again…history is against the likelihood of it happening statistically because it historically happens that the opposition gains the seats in a mid term election.  It’s happened the exact opposite meaning the party in power gains yet more seats  in a mid terms once, maybe twice I think..I’d have to look it up again.
Okay so in all your  hydrophobic panting, snarling and foaming at the mouth asininity, you have actually managed to get Trump impeached. Pence is now our President AND…the people have overwhelmingly handed the keys to our Constitutional Republic to the republicans.
I will now leave you to the waking nightmares such a scenario will give you, because if republicans ;and since Libertarians tended to get lumped in with republicans, libertarians as well,  are as bad as your one track uneducated, easily led minds tell you?  Because your chosen spin doctors and  muck rakers TELL you to think this way? Because you’re parents and school systems and professors have TAUGHT you to think and believe this way?   Well golly gee whiz beaver, guess what?! YOU are gonna be fucked up the ass. sideways. without lube.  Sweet Dreams children. Sweet Dreams

Here we are 2017.

Just a short post to let you folks know I’m alive. Granted I haven’t been posting really. , yet here I am.  After all the hub bub over the election this past year, all the hate, vitriol and rank willfull stupidity, it’s over and done. Donald Trump is our next president. Wasn’t who I would have liked to see in the office to be  honest. However…the total hysterical meltdown of the left, before he’s even been sworn into office yet; has my schadenboner, long, strong and raging. I’m also alternately going back and forth between laughing at people and just shaking my head at their lack of education, intelligence, reading comprehension and complete lack of critical thinking ability. Our schools and our government have brought us to this place.   Where civil discourse and rational conversation has been replaced; with scream fests, hysterical crying fits, physical and verbal assault against people for either voting for, or being THOUGHT to vote for Trump. Along with cries of racism, misogyny, etc etc ad fucking nauseum; in the place of thought out responses to questions or statements.  Where difference of opinion from anything dictated to you by the government, the media, the left in general..is met with the aforementioned vitriol and attempted silencing, censoring and banning.  It’s the Scarlet Letter writ large in the internet age. It’s petty, asinine and infuriating. I’d bet money I don’t even have, that most of those folks causing the hate, discontent and trying to do all the silencing of differing opinions, especially when those differing opinions are based on facts and cold hard numbers, have never read any of the classics, never read any literature outside of what their parents, their teachers, and professors told them to read. Also..never read beyond what they ‘learned in school’.    Anyway…yep, still kicking. be strong, be patient…it’s my fervent hope that the leftist ideology driving this stupidity and the party and media machines putting it out, will collapse under the weight of their own inept corruption.


Ah the huffpo. stupid as usual

Hello ladies and gents. The Huffpo as stated is posting it’s usual inanity, insanity and regurgitated vomit. My responses in italics.

While I’ve never been especially fond of political correctness for its own sake, I’ve encountered enough well-meaning white people embarrassing themselves to know that a brief tutorial can’t hurt.

Uhh you DO realize that not just this second sentence here…but this entire article show that first sentence for the bald faced, willful and asinine lie that it is?  You ARE fond of political correctness not just for it’s own sake but for the false sense of moral superiority it gives you. 

For those who insist that they could never say anything racist because they are not racists, I present a quick reminder: Just because you didn’t intend for something to sound racist, doesn’t mean it isn’t, and just because you don’t think you’re a racist, doesn’t mean you’re not.

So…despite the fact that A. Racism is a complete misnomer so B..in point of fact me and everybody else are in point of  fact are NOT racists….you’re still gonna call us that, because after all you know better?  Why does this not surprise me in the slightest?

I refer you to the Washington Redskins and every idiot who insists that Native Americans should be “honored” to be so warmly insulted. Newsflash: Determining whether this team’s name is racist is not up to anyone but Native Americans. If you are not Native American, your opinion on the issue is at best irrelevant. I know it’s hard for some to accept, but white people don’t get to determine what is and isn’t racist.

Because no one but white folk can be racists?  Oh you smug, self righteous twit with delusions of adequacy.  Have you looked in a mirror lately? Or actually read what you’ve just written? It’s some of the most divisive and “racist” tripe it’s ever been my misfortune to read. Go back to school. Or…just open a fucking dictionary.

As an American who reflects an increasingly common and decidedly ambiguous shade of brown, I have been questioned and “complimented” in some of the strangest ways—rarely by people intending to sound racist, but often by people who end up sounding super racist.

Seriously?  Do you get out of bed every morning actively looking for “racism” to be offended by? Never mind…of course you do.  This ‘article’ is proof of that.

So I present the following list as a sort of public service. While it is far from exhaustive, it represents a fair sampling of the kinds of comments that often make those of us with more melanin cringe—or just never contact you after you give us your business cards. So here goes, in no particular order:

oh goody we’re finally gonna get the meat of this article.

Do not use the word “exotic” to refer to humans who do not look like you. We are not fruit, and it is not a compliment. The longer you insist on assuring us that it is a compliment, the stupider you look. Just give it up.

facepalm  Lets look up Exotic in the dictionary shall we?

short version:very different, strange, or unusual

introduced from another country :  not native to the place where found.

absolutely correct. meaning while you may have been born here…you’re family roots go back to another locale entirely. How is this not accurate?  Hell my own roots when you dig go to scotland, ireland, england and germany. For starters.

strikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously different or unusual
Which considering how some mixed ‘race’  births pan out as the child grows…is completely apt as a descriptor

So yes…exotic is a completely accurate term. Meaning while you may have been born here. your ‘racial’ and national roots go back to someplace else. Which is true for all Americans.

  • Do not use the word “ethnic” as though it were a distinct race or nationality.

    *raises an eyebrow* ethnicity IS in point of fact another word synonymous for/with race and or nationality. You don’t believe me? GOOGLE it you lackluster halfwit!

  • Do not ask people where they are from more than once. Trust them the first time. No need for “Where are you really from?” or “Where are your parents from?”

    Sigh.   As to the former…you’re going to run into people that like you were failed by the public education system.  Just in a different manner. Deal with it.    As to the latter…fucking seriously? You’re gonna get offended by people who are curious about and interested enough in you to ask for more background and detail?  Jesus Jumpin H Christ!  You really ARE a self centered self aggrandizing idiot.

  • Avoid statements like, “Wouldn’t it be great to live during [insert any era during which the person you’re talking to couldn’t vote or own property]?”

    Nope it couldn’t possibly be that something else than your pet logical fallacy fascinates them about that era. Granted that’s no reason to not educate them about the downsides of an era but to automatically assume it’s because “racism” makes YOU the racist. However I repeat myself with that latter. I’ll try not to do that anymore but I doubt you’re gonna make avoiding such redundancy easy.

  • Resist the urge to ever say, “I have a lot of [fill in the blank with the racial, religious or ethnic group with which you are least familiar] friends.”


  • Remember that reverse racism isn’t a thing. Racism is about the abuse of power and privilege. If your race denies you power and privilege, then you can’t be racist. Certainly, you can still be an asshole. Just not a racist.

    Nope…because racism can only come from one specific group, aka white people, right?  Wrong you ignorant twatwaffle.  

  • Unless you are one of “those people” making fun of other people calling you “those people,” then never say “those people.”

    oO…oh great. I’ll bet if we were at the same party and I said to a small group of friends “hey those people over there look like they’re having a really good time lets find out what’s up” you’d scream racist. Seriously lady? You’re starting to bore me and annoy me with this shit.

  • Remember, we are not all from any one place. Pretending we are just makes you look delusional. So avoid the “We’re all from Africa anyway” statements.

    *LOL*  Lady I’ll simply point out that you ARE delusional.

  • Unless you have achromatopsia, never say “I don’t see color.”

    Bitch please. *smh*  Anything else your highness? 

    If any of this offends you as a white person, I ask simply that you sit with that discomfort for a while. Really feel it. Now imagine that your distress weren’t the temporary consequence of reading an article, but rather the permanent consequence of living in your own skin.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you’re seeing “racism” everywhere…perhaps you should admit you have a problem.  U suggest taking a looonnnnnnng look into a mirror and have a long chat with the source of the racism in that mirror.

    Ooooops. forgot the link.


Cultural Appropriation and the destruction of the nation

in a discussion about those who…to put this in my own words WHINE LIKE SPOILED INFANTS about “cultural appropriation”. A friend of a friend by the name of Brian had the following to say

“What is ironic, is that it goes both ways.

Take the example of the black bimbo yelling at the white guy for having dreadlocks. Her point seems to be that he wasn’t born in Africa, so he can’t wear them. Now, nevermind the fact that she probably wasn’t born in Africa, either.

This woman is wearing pants (not invented in Africa), speaking a language that was not invented in Africa, and most likely eats food that is not African. I would even venture a guess that she has appropriated Mexican culture by eating a taco! She probably lives in some sort of building that is not African. And I’d bet she has a non-African phone. She probably listens to music that is not-African, and watches non-African TV and movies.

And she’s worried about some guy’s hair??”

I really do find those who whine about ‘cultural appropriation” annoying. Since most of the ones doing a lot of the whining are spoiled, privileged little shits, who were born and raised right here in the United States of America. They whine about being poor. Yet, they eat good food most of them. They aren’t starving. They have decent clothes on their backs, have cars, live in air conditioned homes and drive cars that others in the 3rd world can only dream of  because in those parts of the world the main mode of transport is shanks mare. That’s getting off your fat ass and WALKING for those that don’t know the etymology of shanks mare. Anyway…these puling infants have grown up in America.  The petri dish of freedom, that was once called ‘the melting pot of the world’ where people came, to be not Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, African-Americans etc etc, but simply Americans.to be FREE.  Now look at us. Makes me alternately wanna puke and hurt people. Teddy Roosevelt …though I don’t agree with everything he always said an did[anymore than I’ve agreed with everything ANY sitting president past and present has ever done including ones I voted for] said it best…

““There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism.” primarily because as Teddy points out later in the speech that this quote is is the opening line from…that way lies the destruction and ruination of the Republic.
““The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities

We the People…primarily in the form of the government and the flaming dictat issuing, power mad ASSHOLES we keep electing…have to pigeon hole everyone. Categorize them. Because [and pay attention here boys and girls] in categorizing people…in pigeon holing them…they can be controlled. Through separation, ostracization…from pitting one section of hyphenated American against another or even against every other single category of hyphenated American.  In this way…you/we are controlled. I can hear it now “I’m not controlled! how can I be controlled! the government said ‘blah blah blah’ I’m informed!’  Oh really?  Have you paid attention or actually READ any of the Bills proposed in the house and senate and tracked their progress?  Do you truly understand what those bills will do to/mean to you? To the system of government?  Have you studied similar approaches and instances in history?  Have you studied history at ALL beyond textbooks? No? Then you are controlled because you’re letting the government and the media [which at this point is by and large on the national scale no more than the propaganda ministry for the government] do your thinking FOR you, and dictating what you learn instead of opening your mind and help you understand how you’re being controlled.

Quote unquote Class Warfare is another means of control.  Think about it.  What do those of the liberal political stripe keep saying. That “the rich should pay their fair share’  Uh ‘scuze me?’  They DO pay their fair share. All it takes is a little google work boys and girls. A little google work will tell you the top 10% of wage earners…meaning anyone with an adjusted gross income of $250,000  or more per year…pay [depending on the years stats you’re looking at, pay between 50-80% of the taxes.  IOW they comprise only a small percentage of the actual tax base but pay the bulk of the tax burden.  Stop and think about that. If that does not make you go ‘daaaayuuummm.  I didn’t know that. I’ve been stupid. Why did I let those assholes manipulated me into believing something that wasn’t true?’  *shrug* there just isn’t any help for you.  The Right…
*uhhhh sorry. got derailed folks. had to take care of my father who just had surgery so…shit happens. needless to say I lost my train of thought so gonna finish this up here*
aren’t necessarily any better in certain ways some of them. Just depends on their brand or stripe if you will, of conservatism.  Stop agreeing with someone just because they say something that ‘sounds’ good.  Stop agreeing with wholly asinine and stupid fucking memes on social media just because they fit you’re own preconceived and programmed notions and prejudices. Study history and a LOT of it. Study economics…you’ll find most of what you’re being sold by the media is a false bill of goods. Don’t be programmed just by what you learn in school. Why? I’ll tell you a quick personal parable.  in High school….way back wehen..I SLEPT through my history classes and got away with it. Why?  Because I loved to study history and devoured the textbook in a matter of just a few weeks. The ENTIRE textbook, and some of you might still remember just how thick some of those damn things were. What’s more  is I knew a good portion of the material BEFORE I read the textbooks because I enjoyed history so I read and learned a LOT of it. Now I don’t read it so much anymore or remember a good chunk of it. By choice. Why? because we’re stupidly allowing ourselves to be led around by the goddamn nose. Programmed, controlled by the very government that is supposed to be our servant.

Heres a couple of final quotes and some food for thought.
1. attributed to George Washington but scholars a lot of them say…nope. still very accurate, true, and relevant  though. Even more so here in our present and in our future.  It’s why I despise the federal gov’t and think it needs to be pruned significantly with a very big damn chainsaw.
“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”
Pay attention to that last bit because we the people AND the government are being VERY irresponsible.

2. This next one is from a former slave and statesman. by the name of Fredrick Douglass.  Never heard of him? Yeah well…what did I tell you about reading history?
“No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck”
Expecting government to do everything for you and force your own preconceived notions upon everyone else….is in fact using the government to put your fellow man in slave chains. The government is a really bad slave master and will show no favorites. Rest assured if you ask the government to do this…your own neck will be in the noose, and your back will bear the same whip marks as the poor bastard you sold down the river because you were blind.