OMG It’s a Hindu Religious symbol!

But it was appropriated by Hitlers 3rd Reich. Therefore it’s now automatically evil! Burn the heretics! Boycott Hallmark because this is an outrage! *headdesk headdesk*  Sigh…te stoopid, et hertz!

Yes yes this is the reaction of many of the ignorant of history. The Swastika, or twisted/iron cross…whatever you choose to call it..was a symbol for auspiciousness in the hindu religion and Buddhism and others loonnng before Hitler and his 3rd reich took a liking to it and borrowed it.

Oh by the way…all you hippies that shout about peace and love and shout ” make love not war” and proudly flash the peace sign?  You DO know that your “symbol of piece” was the unit emblem for the Hitlers 3rd Panzer division right?  No? thought not. so when someone laughs at you when you flash the symbol…he’s quite possibly a history buff, laughing at your naivete. Just saying. That is all.  Me? I can’t stop falling out of my chair laughing at your willful stupidity.


One thought on “OMG It’s a Hindu Religious symbol!

  1. Among other things, that particular design was not only a Hindu religious symbol, but the Finnish national emblem, a Native American symbol, the shoulder patch designating the US 45th Infantry Division, and any number of other _good_ things.
    But, as the saying went when I was in the Army: No matter how many atta-boys you have, they can all be taken away with one “Aw Sh*t”. Hitler and his minions were the “Aw Sh*t” needed to destroy any further use for good of the symbol once it was used as an emblem of evil.

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