Ah sad puppies is racist! ROFL

I’ll keep this short and simple. This it gonna be too easy. All the pissing and moaning about Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies slates being non diverse enough. The slates being racists and misogynistic etc etc  and I’m gonna hang em with their own  articles and photos. Perpend…
2001 hugo winners

2011 winners

http://www.locusmag.com/News/2011/08/2011-hugo-and-campbell-awards-winners/    Hmmm a few women but not a single POC. yep they be diverse alright.

http://www.locusmag.com/2004/News/09_HugoAwardsWinners.html  Ah one non whiteboy/girl that I can see.


Ah a POC  yet still mostly white


Hmmm I see women writers in there, but then I see women in most of these shots so far.  Hell a fair percentage of what I read is women writers.

2013. One of John Scalzi showing off his in 2013.  Nope no POC in that one

My point is this boys and girls…the idealogues  doing all this screaming and lo and behold..here’s evidence that they are no different than anyone else. Wonder if they’ve looked in a mirror lately or done any gazing into their souls, On the latter..I suspect if they have they haven’t really liked what they’ve seen so they lash out.  See most of these photos show that by and large most of the winners are white and male and quite a number of them old white male. And quite a few older white females.   They are afraid. The ones screaming the loudest have had control, have been the gate keepers and these elitists see themselves losing control to the rest of us lowly peons who actually buy and read a fair sized chunk of the works out there.  They are as you can see if you look up articles by them…not going to give up that ‘control’ that easily, or quietly.

here’s some of the posts being made by them or their hacks






Edit: And even The Atlantic has gotten in on the act. hmmm I wonder if the Grey Lady [that’s the New York Times for those who don’t know] has gotten into the act? I’ll have to go look

Edit: For fuck sake would you morons stop jumping into fray with your poison pens full of massively stupid, en masse like this?  this the 3rd damn correction/addition I’ve had to make to this post in the last couple hours! Jesus Jumpin H Christ! *walks away mumbling obscenities*

What I find interesting is that they are all repeating pretty much the same tired accusations, libels and innuendos exactly and en masse. Does none of these people do any research?  Nahh..seems not


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