Source Material and the Hugo Kerfluffle

Does ANY ONE read source material anymore? Or do they just endlessly repeat what they’ve heard, because what they’ve heard agrees with their own preconceived notions?

This comes about in thought because of something I read on fail book, that’s facebook for those who don’t grok the play on words.  Person 1 supports one side of the argument. That the sad puppies are right and have proven everything they’ve set out to prove and more…that the other side of this argument is playing fast and loose with the truth to keep control. [They are also  exploding in an orgy of self immolation and self destruction. The end result of which may be Hugo Charcoal, because all that will be left of the Hugo is a smoldering cinder cooling in the breeze after it’s all over, but thats my take on it]   Person 2, by all accounts was a rational person. Friends with 1, though where 2 stood in regards to this Kerfluffle, and what kind of stuff they read…I don’t know as I’m just friends with #1.   As of yesterday however #2  apparently pulled a ‘TiaT’** [aka a Tempest in a Teacup..named after   KTempest Bradford and her rage quitting of a novel and her reaction to this whole kerfluffle] and rage quit their friendship with #1.

Why? because of all the hit pieces in the media, all sounding exactly the same, in the industry media, the blogosphere and of course..even the “Mainstream” media.   Person 2 had been reading all this lying propagandist goodness and taking it as gospel and that was  what Person 1 thinks.   See my ‘Sad puppies are racist!’ post for links to some of the hit pieces.  Notice they all look, feel and sound exactly the same?  Well that’s because they are repeating the exact same things over and over ad infinitum or rather ad naseum without going to source material.  In the case of blogosphere posts that’s not really surprising. However in major mainstream publications like Entertainment Weekly, The Atlantic…and even Popular Science has gotten in on the act…NONE of these people do their due diligence. Do their research. Try something as earth shattering as opening up a dialogue with the people they are vilifying, to get the other side of the story. Which as reporters is, not to put to fine a point on it…THEIR MOTHER FUCKING JOB!!   Alas I don’t expect them to do their jobs anymore because they aren’t reporters anymore.  They’re propaganda spin doctors…nothing more, nothing less.

So in short..because Person 2 apparently never went to the source material, they had a deliberately slanted and skewed view of Person 1.  Or could I suppose that Person 2 allowed the hit pieces to poison their mind so much what Person 1 reasonably said meant fuck all in the grand scheme of things. How I don’t know, as it’s not like Person 1 didn’t discuss this like a rational human being on line. As a consequence Person 2  exploded in ragey goodness and rage quit a friendship in an act of unmitigated childish stupidity.  Having been the victim of that briefly, by someone I was and am very close to IRL and not just in the netsphere…I can understand Person 1’s confusion and perplexed ‘ What the Fuck?’ response to this situation.

In short and in conclusion.  It takes 3-4 seconds maximum to type someone or something’s name into the google, yahoo, bing or what the fuck ever’s search field and hit enter. Then however long it takes you to wade through the many links and articles about who or whatever.  Do due diligence people, and try to do it with an objective mind. Since reporters fail miserably at this it seems nowadays.

**Not to be confused with TiaMAT the sumerian, babylonian etc, Goddess of Chaos/Creation. Also known as the Mother of Demons/Monsters.
*Note…nope..I’m not pissed about the stupidity inherent in all this…not. at. all. I just inserted a lot of F-bombs in there because I like the sound of the word.  And if you can’t tell this little note is sarcastic as all get out….there’s no help for you.


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