Ah David Gerrold.

Well we all know how I feel about Mr Gerrold’s rants, and I can generally follow them pretty openly on fail book despite not having ‘liked’ his page. People who like him and people who don’t like him, share his posts since the Hugo Kerfluffle started so I see them without having to bother going to Gerrold’s page. Well THAT just came to a screeching halt.  The last thing I can see on the old boy’s page  now is well…. nothing. There’s two pages listed for him now and neither one has the  ‘check mark” of verification next to his name. Which oddly didn’t click til just this morning.   Yesterday what I saw on the one page made me presume that he’d just gone through and redone the privacy settings on all his Sad Puppy/Hugo related posts.  Now? Now I think after his latest complaint the other day…He’s nuked his own account, taken all his marbles and left failbook in a huff.  Of course I could be wrong on that score.

Hmmm yep. wrong on that last supposition.  a friend said it’s still there for them , so Gerrold has taken the blockhammer and gone through and blocked all of us who’ve mocked him recently, or expressed a dissenting opinion apparently.   Which will probably render his page the same mutually masturbatory circle jerk society that other pages who don’t like dissenting opinions are.    Now that he’s gone and used the universal block hammer to seemingly render his page an echo chamber..I’m curious to what he’s saying now.   sigh I should have been taking screen caps since this shit started. I could be posting them here and mocking them yet again. Oh well.

Gerrold likes to come off as one of the aggrieved or someone who is above the fray sometimes  Well we all know the latter ain’t true. Although he’s been doing a great deal of hanky stompin since the Sad Puppies Hugo’s campaign started.  I actually find that an amusing image.   As I sit here, the image of him in my mind is a cartoon character image of himself, wailing and moaning, gnashing his teeth and crying about the injustice of it all..then blowing his nose, tossing his hankerchef to the floor and stomping on it as if it’s a representation of  whats upsetting him.

*grin* and I’ll just leave you with that mental image.

Edit…I love having indulging friends.  Gerrold in italics, mine in regular font

I will continue to remove posts that are rude, that contain personal attacks, or are attempt to hijack the thread

Rrrright! So basically anyone that takes the same condescending tone as you, and throws it back in your face, or disagrees with you will be banhammered.  Gotcha
fast edit. someone brought up a good point. You taking down all those posts and applyng the ban hammer to all those posts and posters who are hateful to the puppies and their supporters? Me? I HIGHLY doubt it

I may also remove msgs that respond to deleted msgs, just to keep the thread coherent

yep because we can’t have anyone new coming along asking what happened, why are the posts gone etc etc.  We wanna keep the happy joy group think going.

THE POINT OF THE ORIGINAL POST is not about who is right or who is wrong–that’s a colossal game of “did too, did not”.

Actually the point of many of your posts is too deride the other side of the argument and by employing the block hammer you’re ensuring that they can’t tell their side of the story, or tell people to think for themselves. To tell people to ignore who proposed a book or story, author etc etc for teh nominations and let the works of said  authors speak for themselves to each person individually.  Not just make this one big awards season of “No award” and there for no awards given in any given category because you’re having a snit, because well…not to put too fine a point on it…someone PUBLICLY beat you at your own game and got an infusion of new blood into the awards system. As well as an influx of new money into the con system.

The point is that a lot of innocent people have been hurt.

Yep a lot of people with good stories to tell have been driven out, simply by being suggested by the Puppies slates. Also because they didn’t like the heat, hate and vitriol  that brought from people like yourself, simply because of who suggested them.

A lot of good people who were working hard to put on the convention have now had an extra burden put on their shoulders

“An extra burden”?  Oh puh LEEZE. They aren’t going to have to do any extra work. It’s not like anyone will all the sudden require…’safe zones’  to protect themselves from ‘wrongthink’. Oh wait……sigh…that has happened before.

A lot of fans who just wanted to celebrate their love of SF have also been hurt– because fights like this benefit no one

Oh please, like anyone is actually stopping them from celebrating?  Hell there’s going to be more people going to this years convention than normal from what I hear from some of my fellow friends and fans, ..which is a good thing for the convention  as it means more money.   There’s more people that have bought supporting memberships than ever before…which means more fans are speaking their minds on what they like and this is a good thing. It also means AGAIN…more money for the cons coffers. Which is AGAIN a good thing because it means more money to get guests and panels people want!   It means in the case of the extra attendee’s..more money for the VENDORS, which is a good thing for them, because who knows they might have been in a slight slump lately and the extra con goers and their money might make up the difference.  Hell it’s more publicity for everyone involved!

So in closing and in point of fact this little brouhaha is gonna benefit the genre.  As more people will discover there’s good stuff to read out there, and will be spending their money on  buying those books and ebooks, thereby helping writers and authors…earn more money, so they can write more to earn more money.
However…you go right ahead and proclaim to be speaking for other people.

As I sit here I wonder if Eric Flint was right in that the genre and the fan base for it, has gotten so  huge and there in lies part of the problem.  Meaning someone is always gonna get left out one way or the other now, whether intentional or not


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