Redneck…it ain’t an insult.

See the left don’t understand this. Sadly even some of those who hold to liberal ideals that ARE rednecks themselves…use it as a derogatory term, to refer to those on the right.  Newsflash. Do you ignoramous’ know the etymology of the word?  No? Then sit down, shut up, sit back and ruminate whilst I illuminate your ignorant ass.

Redneck refers to the sun burned and reddened necks of those farmers and other laborers who work their asses off, outside in the sun all day. Originally thought to refer to scottish highland farmers, and Irish farmers.

It still refers that way in America. Or as Charlie Daniels put it years back “What most people call a redneck, ain’t nothin but a working man. Who makes his living by the sweat of his brow and the callouses on his hands”  Except now it’s not just farmers and ranchers that wear the term proudly.  Road crews,   electric linemen, the guys who lay phone and fiber optic, roofers… the guy/s you deride whom you pay 25-50 bucks a week to come cut your yard either because you can’t time wise or are too lazy to do it yourself…etc etc.   Those folks work their fingers to the bone…and some leftist  fuckstick is going to call them redneck and think it’s derogatory?  Let me explain something to the leftist mental defectives.  Rednecks don’t take it as an insult. It’s a point of PRIDE. Because frankly…a great many of the folks belittling rednecks…are able to have some of the things they have BECAUSE the red necks are out their busting their asses, day in and day out. So you can come home from your cushy office 9-5 job and bitch about the price of your food, that someone worked 6 days a week from sun up til sundown to grow, slaughter and then ship.Or grow, harvest, box and ship.    Or your phone bill…which someone had to sweat and bleed to lay the wire, and then set up the junction boxes for. Or your electricity which again someone had to dig up, lay and then bury the line for, then put in the junction boxes, transformers and fuse boxes that regulate and provide the flow of electricity into your house. The guys who built the pipelines and treatment plants that provide the very water you drink and bathe in every day.  Folks like my pops who worked as a plumber from the time he was 14, fixing the broken pipes, faucets, toilets etc etc ad nauseum in your home. So you don’t have to go out and draw water from a well and got out to shit and piss in a fucking wooden box with an opening to access the hole that back before flush toilets you would have had to dig and build your own outhouse to shit and piss in. Nope instead you live in your homes built by the Rednecks, draw water to drink and bathe in out of systems built by rednecks. Enjoy a cushy AC/Heated home so you don’t get heat stroke or pneumonia or frost bite, built by rednecks.

Understand something you elitist fucksticks.  Some rednecks despise you, some rednecks probably hate you. Most of us just pity you for your willful stupidity.  Yet you can call us redneck and we’ll grin…because again…it isn’t an insult…it’s a badge of pride.

Think about that…and choke on it.


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