Guns, Campus Carry and Irrational Fear

Writing an opinion piece for newseek Texas Women’s University Jessica Guillion, writes a piece in which later on down the article she supposes that Campus Carry will lead to inflated grades as professors fear for their safety.  Sigh. Really?
It’s early, thunderstorms are a boomin and I ain’t had breakfast yet. Let us get on with this before I start to get surly

Texas college professors may soon face a dilemma between upholding professional ethics and protecting their lives.

WHAT ethics?  It’s not ethical to suppress someones constitutional rights just because of your irrational fear  of an inanimate object! As for protecting their lives?  Stop using the government to do it, and learn to do it for yourself.

The Texas Legislature appears poised to approve a bill that would allow college students to carry firearms to class. Once the law, called “campus carry,” is passed, public universities in Texas will not be allowed to ban guns on their campuses, although private schools could enact their own prohibitions.

Yep that difference between the schools actually makes sense. I don’t like it mind you, but I understand it.

Its backers argue that students have the right to protect themselves on campuses with handguns. The lobbying extends to sponsoring crash courses such as the NRA University, a two-hour seminar course for college students.

Yep students SHOULD have the right to protect themselves on campus.Why should they not?  I suspect the campus crime rates would go DOWN in direct relation to the passing of the law.  I’d have to find it but there’s a story about a couple friends living off campus. They got their apartment broken into.  They shot the intruders. Don’t remember whether they killed the intruders offhand.  In an age where even carrying a pocket knife is considered threatening? We’ve gone too far. Some people seem to have the attitude that Government is Mother, Government is Father; and that ain’t healthy  Are we free thinking, free associating adults or children who have to be told what to do?

With this proposed law, a question coming up for many academics is whether they would be forced to give A grades to undeserving students, just so they can avoid being shot.

How do we go from students having a right to defend themselves to professors being shot? How the FUCK does anyone make that leap?  This is not a rational logic chain. It’s a fear and emotion driven bit of bad fantasy.   What part of the bill that states those with CCL’s can carry is unclear?  This is not a general ‘oh we’ll just let anyone carry anywhere they want’ Nope the law specifically states this applies to concealed carry license holders period dot!   What this means is that
A. Over 21yrs of age.
B. Went through state approved concealed carry course with a licensed conceal carry instructor.
C. Had a federal background check done.
D. hopefully has the funds to go blow through a box or ammo or two a month at the range and does so. Training.

Jesus Christ lady!  Take a hit of wacky tabacky, Abilify, Valium or whatever you medicinal calm enhancing substance of choice is and chill the hell out will you?

This is not as far-fetched as it sounds. In my five years as a college professor, I have had experiences with a number of emotionally distressed students who resort to intimidation when they receive a lesser grade than what they feel they deserve.

You do understand madam that this means that YOU, the professors; or at least those with a concealed carry permit will be able to carry on campus as well?  So really there’s not reason for you to fear.  You too can bring your own weapons to school now to protect yourself from the mobs of  angry bachelors, masters and doctorate students who only live to harm you. Well so long as you hold a CCP/CHL anyway. 
Wait. What?  You don’t own a gun and have never even fired one?  How original.  I’ll note that this is supposition on my part, it tends however to be the essence of people who don’t want others to be able to protect themselves, their families and their fellow man.

Sigh..seriously folks I despair for the human race sometimes when I see that people like this one are teaching the younger generation to be bleating, fearful sheep.  Instead of free men and women who can think for themselves, are self reliant and can by and large protect themselves and know how.

Threats on Campus

Here is an example of one such threatening experience. One evening in a graduate course, after I handed back students’ papers, a young woman stood up and pointed at me. “This is unacceptable!” she screamed as her body shook in rage.

She moved toward the front of the class, waving her paper in my face, and screamed again, “Unacceptable!” After a heated exchange, she left the room and stood outside the door sobbing.

Probably an overwrought, emotional student. A special snowflake who thinks that by caring and being all ragey she can get her way. Get you to see the light.  A supposition but I’d bet an accurate one.

All this was over receiving a B on a completely low-stakes assignment.

*facepalm*  Madam did you ever stop to consider that some people view every assignment as important because they want to maintain their grade averages so they can keep their scholarships?
So they can advance into a masters course or even a doctorate one?   No? Yet you call yourself a professor of sociology? I’d have thought you’d understood that.

What followed was even more startling. The following week, the student brought along a muscle-bound man to class. He watched me through the doorway window for the entire three hours of the class, with his arms folded across his chest.

If you felt threatened why did you not confront her. Did you discuss this with the head of your department? Or the school chancellor?  Did you do something as breathtakingly rational as  call campus police and report a strange person who was not a student on campus grounds and in your classroom, looking threatening?  Did you ever report this behavior to campus police? Or even the actual local PD?  If not…WHY not madam?  Odds are reporting to the local PD would have ended it.

And if this wasn’t enough, the young woman’s classmates avoided me on campus because, they said, they were afraid of getting caught in the crossfire should she decide to shoot me.

How many students in the class madam? And how many  said they didn’t wanna get caught in a crossfire?  No really. I’m curious to how large a portion of a student body planted their asses in that classroom for that class with that particular student. And how many of those planted ass specifically stated they were afraid she’d go nuts and shoot you. .

After that, every time she turned in a paper I cringed and prayed that it was good so that I wouldn’t have to give her anything less than an A.

Really? Did she ever bring muscle boy back to class?  Then why the hell would you fear her?  You do realize you were doing exactly what she wanted right? So you were going to let a student intimidate you into giving them a grade their paper didn’t deserve?  You should have reported her in the first place and then not worried about it so much.

Learning from this experience, I now give papers back only at the end of the class or just “forget” to bring them with me. I was lucky that the student didn’t have a gun in my classroom. Other professors have not been so lucky.

Sigh so you live in fear of maybe hypothetical situations created in your own head because of this, and of students,  99% of whom  wouldn’t go out of their way to threaten you, let alone harm you? God lady…that’s a really rational attitude. Not.

Last year, a student at Purdue shot his instructor in front of a classroom of students. In another incident, in 2009, a student at Northern Virginia Community College tried to shoot his math professor on campus. And in 2000 a graduate student at the University of Arkansas shot his English professor.

Yep and what are college campuses madam? 

In each of these states, carrying handguns on campus was illegal at the time of the shooting, although a bill was introduced in Arkansas earlier this year to allow students to carry guns.

Yep notice how well, that being a gun free zone, having a weapons prohibited policy stopped the perpetrators of your illustrative incidents not at all?  It’s what gun rights advocates keep trying to pound through your fears. A Gun Free Zone…for the emotionally unstable or just those with evil intentions; equals a target rich environment full of helpless victims unable to defend themselves.

Grade Inflation

Despite these and other shootings, a new trend has emerged across the U.S. that supports guns on college campuses. Eight states allow firearms on college campuses, and 11 states are now considering similar legislation.


We know that some students will carry guns whether it is legal or not. One study found that close to 5 percent of undergraduates had a gun on campus and that almost 2 percent had been threatened with a firearm while at school.

Why are they carrying in spite of the prohibition? And how many of them lied on the questionaire?  

Allowing students to carry weapons to class strips off a layer of safety. Students are often emotional and can be volatile when it comes to their GPAs. Who would want to give a student a low grade and then get shot for it?

*facepalm*  Please try to focus madam.  Campus Carry doesn’t just allow students to carry…it allows professors and the rest of the faculty to carry as well.  So please stop lying by omission would you? It’s irritating

Many schools are highly competitive and require certain GPAs for admission. Students on scholarships and other forms of financial aid must maintain high grades to keep their funding. It’s no surprise that some students resort to any means necessary to keep up their GPAs.

Oh puhleeeze.  Apples and Oranges. What 99.9% of the students who ‘resort to any means necessary’ do is to simply steal tests, or cheat. They don’t threaten teachers, professors or fellow students. Those that actually do? *shrug* that’s a breakdown of parental responsibility. Either parents who while they care aren’t there a lot of the time while trying to put food in the brats belly and a roof over their heads. Or parents who give their child everything and don’t care what the child does and are willfully blind to what kind of little shithead they’ve turned their child into

An international student once cried in my office and begged me to change his F to an A, as without it his country would no longer pay for him to be in the U.S. I didn’t. He harassed me by posting threatening messages on Facebook.

Define threatening madam. If all he said was something along the lines of your an unscrupulous bitch who hates him?  That’s not threatening…that’s blowing off steam. Now….if he actually specifically threatened you with bodily harm…did you bother to report him? Or did you let THAT one slide just as I suspect you did with the little  twit with the one day muscleman?

So the question is, Will we soon see a new sort of grade inflation, with students earning a 4.0 GPA with their firepower rather than brainpower? And if so, what sort of future citizenry will we be building on our campuses?

If you’re that fearful of such a situation? May I suggest spending time at the local gun ranges [and you can’t tell me there’s not several near by…not in Texas madam] learning how to use a weapon. Then buy one and train with it. Take the state mandated course. Get your CHL.  You can then carry as well and protect your self from the mindless, gun toting hoards of zombie students.  Unless of course…you don’t trust your own ability to control yourself?  Which would mean this whole thing is one big…rant of projection.


4 thoughts on “Guns, Campus Carry and Irrational Fear

  1. her body shook in rage

    “Her body shook” is a statement of fact. “in rage” is an assumption and the later. “stood outside the door sobbing” leads me to question the accuracy of that assumption.

      • Oh, I just let that one example stand for the incredible amount of
        “mind reading” in that article.

        I could also note that Utah has had “campus carry” for years (also had “teachers in public schools can carry if they so wish and have a license” for years as well) without any of these doom scenarios happening.

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