The Hugos. Jim Hines predictions…The aftermath.

Lets see how we did shall we?

1. Yep Gerrold and Tannarive hosted. did a wonderful job?  highly debatable boys and girls. highly debatable.

2. Hmm jim predicted at least 3 puppies nominees would win. Well they won in non book categories! big fucking shock.
long form[film]Guardians of the Galaxy.   shortform[tv] Orphan Black  Not sure about that one. at least I seem to recall that one being on the puppy suggestions. but since Larry’s site is down *stinks like a DNS attack to me* can’t exactly confirm that one Oh and Best Graphic Story[ie graphic novel] Ms Marvel. Again iirc I think that one was on the list of suggestions..but don’t remember right now.

3.  Hmmm at least one category would go to No Award. I gotta wonder if ol Jim thought it would go to as many as it did though?  Five of them boys and girls. FIVE of them.
Lets see the rest of the awards shall we?
Best Novel?
The 3 Body Problem.  I’m actually surprised by this one because it was one some of the sad puppy supporters talked about so I figured the childish morons would nuke this category too but since it’s a chinese author they couldn’t do that and maintain any fiction of “diversity”  Get something straight..FICTION is what what their “diversity” is

Best Novella. pretty much all Puppy sad or rabid nominees.  Can’t let the puppies win that one in anyway shape or form so lets nuke it and give it to noah ward.

Best Novellete went to
The Day the World Turned Upside Down   Yeah iirc that one wasn’t part of the puppy suggestions and neither were some of the rest so that category was safe..Or maybe not. that one narrowly came in ahead of mr noah ward.

4.  Hmmm I can keep going but why bother because this dovetails rather neatly into Hines next prediction in that a number of puppies would come in under No Award. Yep including best editor.  It SHOULD have gone to and WOULD have gone to Toni Weisskopf with 1216 votes. 4-6 TIMES the number of votes given to any other previous nominee. 2nd runner up should have gone to…a lady named Sheila iirc she garnered some 700 some odd votes. Yet what won with 2500 votes?  No Award.   The overwhelming number of votes that were cast for No Award to spite any puppy nominees who were a pretty damn diverse group of people in many ways… astounding

5.  Yep 3 Body problem did well. So did any non puppy nominee.  Still think there wasn’t lock step block voting and do you have any doubts as to which side DID IT?

6 Various puppies would run to the net to claim victory was Jim’s prediction.  Well puppies did after a fashion. You and the puppy kickers proved what we were saying all along in a  rather spectacular fashion Jim old boy. Some really want to try and save it.  Me? I’m for letting you douchenozzles stew in your own venom and then dropping a nuke on the resulting pile of melting corpes and the hole the poison makes…. from orbit. Repeatedly.

7. Jim predicted Wesley Chu would take home the Campbell. I said he was probably right not that I cared.  Turns out that one was very accurate. Chu won it.

8 Jim’s prediction is two fold here. One that the puppies would return again the following year. He’s right.  And that it wouldn’t have as big an effect.  Mmmm…I’m thinking your gonna be proven wrong on that one.

9. Jim’s prediction here was a counter puppy slate.  Hmmm we’re gonna have to wait and see on that one Jim old boy.  Far too early yet so we’ll leave this one in limbo as it were…for now.

10.  Fandom and the Hugos would survive.  Fandom doesn’t NEED the Hugos Jim.  It’s just a convenient way for us to shout from the roof tops about how great we think certain authors works are. That’s ALL this award was EVER supposed to be.  As for the Hugos?  We’ll see whether it survives or not. Frankly I think you silly shits nuked it into critical condition and life support.

Again we’ll see.

edit 8/26 :
You know…they gave out wooden disks with an asterisk carved out of the center of it this year. apparently in lieu of the rocketships this year.  Hell they were selling them this year. proceeds to be given to a charity Terry Pratchett supported.

That being said…having a warped sense of humor. One wonders how long it’ll be before someone makes a gif of the rocketship humping the asterisk as a representation of just how badly the puppy kicker crowd fucked themselves and the award this year?


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