Did someone invoke the Corriaken?

I haven’t even read this article but I’m answering the call. Why?  I’m up. my sinuses are seriously fucking with me so I’m annoyed and can’t sleep anyway and…boredom. Also Larry Correia has better things to do with his time than fisk every single article  by every dingus, dongus and duodenum that wants to piss and moan and spew shit about the EEEVVVIILLLL of guns.   So without further ado…lets get on to fisking of an article I’m going to fisk on the fly as I read it. Yeah you read that right. I haven’t read it yet. I’m reading it as we go. so verily you’re getting my immediate first impressions.  

Original article in regular font…mine in italics.   

Why There Is No Viable Solution to America’s Gun Problem
By Damon Linker..

Well lets start with that article title.  A morass of words meant to conjure sorrow, hysteria and a sense of gravitas. The latter of which is supposed to belong to the author.  Yo dude?  Guess what?  There isn’t a “Gun Problem”.  Like so much of the shit spewed by the media…it’s designed to elicit an emotional response from the word go. Rather than say…a rationally logical thought out one?  Well he succeeded admirably there. He conjured feelings of disdain as well as derision. *golf clap*

I was working as a senior editor at Newsweek and The Daily Beast on the day in 2012 when Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 young children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Like many newsrooms, ours broadcasted CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News on several wide-screen televisions all day, every day. That morning, the words and images pouring in were so horrifying that many of us didn’t want to accept the truth of what we were hearing and seeing.

Hmmm first as an aside…the opening sentence left me thinking of a parody of the old Monster Mash song called Monster Hash. if you haven’t heard it and you have a sense of humor go look it up. Always makes me laugh it does.  As to the rest….yeah.  The 24hr news cycle has really fucked the concept of journalism to a fare thee well. No…..that’s not entirely true…it was royally corncobbed already. If it bleeds, it leads is the philosophy of newsrooms everywhere before CNN came about; sadly the 24hr news cycle only exacerbates it. By the way…I wonder if this guy has considered the number of times possible mass shootings were stopped by someone else hunting the cowards?  No wait…I’m probably getting ahead of myself. I’m sure I’ll get to bring that up later. 

Some of my co-workers cried. Others became angry. I just despaired. That was something that one of my angry colleagues didn’t appreciate. Pacing around the editor’s hub where we both worked, he barked accusations at no one in particular, all of them having to do with the idiocy of American gun laws and the homicidal character of American gun culture.

Hmmm so blame the inanimate objects and not the person that pulls the trigger. Where have I heard that before?  Just everytime there’s a “mass shooting”.  Also ignore that the very strict gun laws of Connecticut did not do one fucking thing to stop Lanza from getting his hand on a weapon and going on a shooting spree. He killed his own mother and cracked her gun locker you mealy mouthed, miserable  moronic buffoon! He’s certifiably fucking insane. Now… Shut up, sit down and don’t speak again.

I didn’t disagree. The rest of our colleagues certainly didn’t. This was a roomful of journalists in New York City, after all.

Well he’s honest about that at least. One wonders if that sentence was typed with some self depreciating humor and a chuckle on his lips.  If not there should have been.

But in my emotionally downcast state, I wondered aloud if this really got to the bottom of the problem. Wasn’t there something much deeper going on? Hand an automatic weapon to a civilized human being, and no one will end up dead. Yet the United States is a place where a not-insignificant number of people, when given access to deadly weapons, make a choice to use them for murder, often multiple murders, sometimes murders of first-grade children, with no trace of a rational motive or justification at all, seemingly just for the demonic, nihilistic thrill of spreading fear, pain, suffering, and death. Wasn’t this the root of the problem? Isn’t that what we needed to ponder and reflect on? Even if there was no obvious public policy response?

I don’t get downcast. I get annoyed.  See..I can lay this one squarely at the feet of you idiots in the press corp.  If you’d stop splattering the name and face of every shooter..across every single goddamn newspaper and magazine cover. If you stop shining it like a fucking neon sign in the red light district across every fucking tv channel and particularly the 24news channels 24/7 during and for days and weeks after the event.  Mayhap it wouldn’t happen as much as it does.  Actually it’s such an infintesimally small number of the total murder rate…it doesn’t even break the 1000th’s of percent of the 1000ths of a percent our murder rate actually is.   Seriously? We have gun laws on the books A. they don’t stop these assholes who are in it for the deranged notional “fame” you  addlepated fuckwits in the press corps gift them with.  Which leads to B. Any more than it stops criminals. Criminals don’t obey laws. That’s why they’re called CRIMINALS.

Let’s just say my angry colleague didn’t appreciate my contribution to the discussion: “That’s just the typical crap we always hear from people who won’t commit to doing what’s needed to change things for the better. Take the guns away and the killing will stop. Countries that restrict guns — surprise! — have far fewer gun deaths. A lot fewer. That’s the answer. This isn’t a day for sermons or philosophical chin-scratching.”

Ahhh but did you notice they have a similar murder rate…or worse. Also did you notice the percentages are the same or worse?  Because when you take into account most of the countries that restrict gun ownership have somewhere around 1/10th of the fucking population you mathematical moron?  Lets take england. can’t own guns. they’re now making people turn in KNIVES for fuck sake. Yet despite that…2 female officers were lured to an ambush, shot and then had a grenade dropped on them in one of the most stunning “gun crimes” in recent memory and in gun free england to boot.  So yeah…try floating that less guns less gun deaths as if it’s some holy writ. You act like the means of death is more important than someone being killed. Wow…there’s some moral equivocation ping pong. Trying to follow it makes me feel like I’m losing IQ points.

The practical argument against pro-life politics, debunked

Not hardly mickey mouthbreather. See taking away the MEANS of defense, be it guns, knives what ever, from the common folk like well…me for example. Simply leaves me more vulnerable to the criminal element.  Just to give you a false sense of security?!  Because you’re afraid of an inanimate fucking object?  Are you a man or a mouse?
Or have you ignored the fact that the crime rates in england for example went UP after taking the guns away?   There is NOTHING more pro life than teachng people how to defend themselves and educating them in the ways and tools with which to do it. If you say “call 911 and let the cops handle it”, I’m gonna fall out of this chair laughing boyo. 

This debate has replayed in my mind with every mass shooting since the Newtown massacre — there have been an awful lot of them — and that very much includes this week’s televised (and tweeted) murders of a reporter and cameraman in Roanoke, Virginia.

No in point of fact their haven’t been. As for the murder of the reporter….double homicide/suicide. Stop trying to redefine shit to make it fit your narrow blinkered world view. it’s annoying.

My colleague at Newsbeast was right: My penchant for waxing philosophical won’t solve America’s gun problem. But the ugly truth is that neither will his gun-control proposals. Sure, if we could magically eliminate 99 percent (or 90 or 75 or 50 percent) of America’s estimated 280 million to 300 million guns and then impose restrictions like the ones that abide in many other Western nations, then that would make a big, maybe an enormous, difference. I would personally love to wake up tomorrow and find myself in such an America.

ROFLOLOL their crime rates went UP after the gun restrictions dude. And that’s with the differing means of the way other countries classify and report crimes and homicdes.  So again…to give you a false sense of security…and apparently moral superiority…you wanna disarm the populace. To make it easier for criminals to do bad things?  And use common hand and power tools to do it with no less? What’s next asshole? outlaw pickaxes, sledge hammers, and chain saws to prevent crimes like the one in the hot link?  Did those english laws and the security commisariat stop the murder of Lee Rigby by  muslim militants?  Or the Gloucester pub murder earlier this year? Nope. You think taking guns away from citizens or restricting it greatly will stop crime?  Goddamn you sure are naive aren’t you?

But there is no chance of it happening. Zero.

Got that right.

Why? Because the Supreme Court has declared that the Constitution forbids it. Because a sizable chunk of the country strongly opposes it. Because America’s democratic culture would never allow the mass confiscation of property by the government. When that property is a weapon that could be trained on the person attempting the confiscation, things get trickier still.

What part of “the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” does thou not understand?  It’s not rocket science.  And yep…people are really gonna start dying I expect if mass confiscations ever happen. Well so long as the populace isn’t too brainwashed by that point.   The 2nd is one of only 3 amendments in the constitution which specifically and in plain language states “the right of the people”. Gee why is that I wonder? 

There is simply no realistic path that gets us from the country we have to the country gun-control advocates want.

not without turning this country into totalitarian state of the socialist/communist variety, no.

Should we try to pass more laws regulating guns? Absolutely. If your city is motivated to ban high-capacity gun magazines, by all means do so. The same with local, state, or federal laws encouraging the development of childproof guns and public-health efforts to persuade people to buy them. The same with increasing waiting periods, deepening background checks for gun purchases, and closing the gun-show loophole. Go ahead and do every well-intentioned thing in Nicholas Kristof’s indignant column on the Roanoke shooting.

No we shouldn’t try to pass more laws regulating guns.  What part of shall not be infringed don’t you grok to old boy? If you bring up that tired old militia argument   I’ll point out two things. 1 semi colon between the militia and the right of the people. Therefore two separate sentences. 2. Every swinging dick and being egalitarian I include every set of bouncing boobs in this, between the ages of 18-45 are militia by LAW. So nice try there. They are not “high capacity magazines” They’re fucking normal capacity magazines nimrod.  What. You trying to bring us back to the days of 6 shootin revolvers in the wild wild west?  Sigh…good grief. Ever heard of the Girandoni? Here let me enlighten you, you deliberately ignorant incompetent.  It was an air rifle with a 20round hopper. “oh no you mean eebil high capacity magazines existed long before my great granddaddy was a gleam in his daddy’s eye?”  No you ninny..it means normal “magazines” existed long before you thought! Increasing waiting periods? What the fuck good does THAT do? None. You already have to go through a FEDERAL background check and there IS no gun show loophole if there’s a merchant selling weapons at a gun show he HAS to file the paper work for it or he faces federal charges. 

But understand that in the end the improvements will only be marginal. Yes, some indeterminate number of lives will be saved, which is why we should keep trying. Something is always better than nothing. But there will still be hundreds of millions of guns out there in circulation, and countless ways to purchase new ones, which means there will be ample opportunities for a would-be mass murderer to secure the means of attaining his goal. That’s why Kristof’s analogy to lives saved by automobile regulations is bogus. The vast majority of people killed while driving die by accident. The vast majority of people killed by guns die by intent. Firearms are deadly weapons, we have an awful lot of them lying around, and unfortunately we have a disturbingly large number of people who want to use them to kill human beings.

Oh fiddle faddle. You’re whining about an “indeterminate number”  here’s HARD numbers for you math genius. 
there’s 320 MILLION people in the US right now. The last year we have definite numbers for is 2013. So back then…316million with 14, 196 murders. Now as a percentage of population…that’s 4THOUSANDTHS of a percent of the population. And for this HARD and insanely low number you call out about the crisis of the ‘gun control problem’?  Do you understand that if we had Brazil’s [half our population 2-3 x the murder rate]  Venezuela [one thirteenth the population. about the population density of the state of texas…has a murder rate almost  half as large again as our own? what the fuck] our murder rates…guns involved or not be damned, would be STAGGERING.  If you use Venezuela as an example almost half and again our murder rate [25k vs 14k] times the population difference [x 13] our murder rate would be 325000 people murdered a year. and Venezuela is a fucking gun grabbers paradise. you WERE only allowed one gun per household. only allowed so much ammo. the government could and didconfiscate for any and no reason whatsoever and oh yeah…the venezuelan government under the benevolent rule of Hugo Chavez[long may he feed the demons in the deepest pits in hell] banned private ownership of firearms several years ago. 2011.  Yeah tell me how great off we’d be if we only got rid of the guns laughing boy.

Guns are TOOLS. Hell there are as many ways to kill people as there are stars in the sky. I can think of several dozen, some of them from the darker ages, off the top of my head.  Oh and timmy mcveigh didn’t need a gun…he built a fucking BOMB. And there are sooo many ways out there to do that. 

This doesn’t make me happy. It makes me ill. It means that, in this respect at least, America is broken.

America is on the WAY to being broken…but not in the way  you think. You silly twits that think government is the answer to everything voting away more of your rights for the false sense of security government provides are doing that.

If you doubt it, read (or reread) Jeffrey Goldberg’s essential, demoralizing 2012 essay from The Atlantic. Goldberg makes a persuasive case that given all of the above, the best policy solution to lowering the body count is to go in the opposite direction from seeking to ban and confiscate guns. Instead, we should encourage more people to carry firearms on them in public. See someone open fire on a crowd? Don’t cower in fear. Aim and fire back. The end result might be three fatalities rather than 13.

Exactly which is exactly what the pro gun, pro 2amendment crowd has been saying all along. The body counts will be lower and the crazies will be less likely to act out…if they know they’re likely gonna get killed before they get their rocks off.  I don’t find that thought as depressing as you do.

If you want to see a dramatic drop in the number of firearm deaths — especially in mass shootings like Sandy Hook and Aurora, Colorado — this probably has a greater chance of getting us there than a constitutionally dubious and politically impossible effort at widespread gun restriction or confiscation.

But it’s also a stunning admission of defeat — a confession that when it comes to protecting Americans from deadly violence, the government is close to powerless to stop it.

Oh for fucks sake you think the government is the answer to this? The government causes more problems than it solves. I’ll leave you with this thought on that one…”government is not eloquence, it is not reason. it is FORCE. Like fire a it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action”

As Max Weber argued nearly a century ago, the state can be defined as the institution that possesses a monopoly on the legitimate use of force within any given territory. Goldberg’s proposal represents a devolution of this monopoly on violence to private individuals. Doubting the state’s capacity to protect us, Goldberg would have us revert back to something like aHobbesian state of nature in which we’re reduced to drawing our own weapons and employing deadly force in public to defend ourselves against lethal violence unleashed by other citizens.

2nd amendment. Read it? I doubt it. and if you do your understanding of it is abysmal.   government is not required to protect us from each other. that was confirmed in a court case a couple DECADES ago.   Therefore it is encumbent upon every man[or woman] to see to their own defense because the government won’t be around except to clean up the aftermath and maybe jail the perp. And a governments worst enemy is it’s own well educated, well armed people. Therefore it’s beneficial to the government to disarm the citizenry so it’s harder for that citizenry to stop the governments depredations. Which is one of the things that has by an large…kept our own government in check for over 200years.

The technical term for that is anarchy — a war of each against all — though it could also be described as life at the O.K. Corral. And if Goldberg is right, this may well be the best that Americans can hope for.That’s depressing. But sometimes the truth is like that.

No boyo the technical terms for it are self determination and personal responsibility.  Which is constitutionally all wrapped up with that whole..”life  liberty and the pursuit of happiness” thing.  Sadly I suspect you’d like the government to be mommy and daddy and run your life for you.  there’s a whole nother discussion in those 7 quoted words but that’s for another day.

*walks off singing “I was working in the lab late one night. when I heard the gurgle of a water pipe. I turned to see my monster in a cloud of smoke who said ‘this shit ain’t bad HERE have a toke'”

Apologies boys and girls. I forgot the URL for the original article


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