Gotta love instapundit.

I do actually. Lots of fun those that know me though, know I could never post there because of my propensity for profanity and insults based upon bodily functions and excretions.  However…this is my  house and my rules so lets play.. the assholes are in italics. me in normal font,

A friend is trying to sell her house, another friend Sarah Hoyt asked Glenn Reynolds of instapundit if she could post the link to the realtors listings to try and help a friend and fellow blogger. He said yes. so the listing is up on Insty and what is some of the response?  Perpend…

“This personal BS is not what I read InstaPundit for, especially when it’s hawking something 3,000 miles away. The professor can get away with it for the InstaWife and the InstaDaughter but I do not care to have it expand into strangers scratching friends’ backs. Buy an ad with your own dime.”

Then by all means don’t read it you douchenozzle. You’re upset?  My heart bleeds purple piss. Here’s a phone card…go call someone who gives a fuck.

“How did this post get through AdBlocker?”

*gibbs slap* Because it’s a post by one of the only other people on the site to ‘have the keys to it’ if you will. why is this so hard to figure out?  Did you get dropped on your head as a child?


Thought I was on Craig’s List there for a second.

Got any friends who sell Amway? You may want to use this blog’s tremendous stock of hard-won good will to flog that, too.”

No…but if you’re gonna be a dick…why don’t you go fuck a knothole in a fence or something. We don’t want you procreating.

“I find it distasteful for you to use the power and credibility of this outstanding InstaPundit blog for your personal real estate pimp.
I am a long time reader and I can’t remember any other guest poster infringing on Glenn’s trademark.
Shame on you.”

Ah…there’s goes someone ASSUMING again.  Also probably projecting.  Did you not stop to think for one minute that if it was done, it was done with Glenn’s permission?  How odd. It says more for your mental state and thought processes than it does Sarah’s willingness to ask Glenn to post it.    Aren’t you late for an HOA meeting you hyperventalating harpy?

The house has been on for 277 days. Someone’s obviously getting desperate to flog it. I wonder whether this is “cash for comment,” i.e. someone’s paid Instapundit for ad placement disguised as a real post; or what the story here is.

All you had to do was phrase a polite question to answer and frankly assuming Sarah would take PAY to help someone out, is obnoxiously odiferous.  Knew I stepped in something smelly this morning while mowing the lawn. didn’t know it was you. ewwww.

“Oh noes! Business bad!

You sure you’re on the right website?”

Yep.  You sure you’re not a hooker in in China trying to learn american idioms through the internet?

“I was more offended by that shitbox being called “cute”.”

Opinions are like assholes and you’re being one right now. Have a nice day.

There was far more nice responses than there were cock juggling thunder cunts with delusions of adequacy like the previous examples.   Including a response by my friend to all the thunder cunts. Which I’ll reprint here. In bold since one of the previous assholes was curious…

As the owner of this house, I want to first of all thank Sarah for offering to help generate traffic, and to Professor Reynolds for agreeing to post a link. Trying to sell this house has been an ordeal, and I’m truly grateful there are generous folks out there who are willing to help.

For those of you who are being disgusting, uncharitable, malevolent jerks, let me quickly explain.

The tenants I had living there when I decided it was time to sell the house decided they would sabotage every showing.

I gave them two months to vacate, since they had been violating the lease in numerous ways, but when the deadline came and went, they refused. They squatted in my house for months and refused to pay rent.

When I tried to get immediate possession of my house through the courts, the judge decided to be “fair” to the squatters and allowed them to live in my house rent-free for three months.

When I finally did get an eviction order, they ran off and left a WRECK of what used to be a beautiful home! It took thousands of dollars to fix it. I took it off the market temporarily, so I could mitigate all the damage that these squatters did. I only put it back on the market again at the end of July, but the Realtor site registers it from the time it was first listed, which is why it looks like it’s been on the market for that long.

Since I have no tenants in that house, I’m paying both my rent in the place where I currently live and my mortgage, which amounts to 80 percent of my takehome pay!

So, yes, I need to sell this house. I’m quickly running out of resources. The legal system screwed me by refusing to toss them out and allowing them to basically steal my house for three months without paying rent. And yes, they absolutely wrecked the property on their way out. And yes, Sarah was generous and wonderful in offering to try and generate some traffic, as was Professor Reynolds for allowing her to do so.

So no, this isn’t just an empty advertisement. It was an attempt to help a fellow blogger, and those of you who don’t even know the story behind this fiasco are sure painting yourselves as mercenary, miserly, and mean-spirited. Just what the liberals think most conservatives are!

Way to go!

Like I said. Gotta love instapundit.  Even Mr Insty himself came into this with a ‘what the fuck is ya’ll problem’ post.  Except he phrased it nicer than I did and have.

here’s the post with the hyperlinked listing that soooo offended some of the peanut gallery.

I’ll leave ya’ll to the rest of your sunday.


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