The Idiocracy is here….

That’s right. I’m stating unequivocally, that the world as postulated in the comedy film Idiocracy…is HERE.  Sigh…and it’s gaining ground.

“but. can you say this?”  I hear you ask?

Exhibit one…
idiocracy in oberlin and vassar colleges

A video in which at a professor at Oberlin blithely states “The Constitution in every day life causes people pain.”

A video in which a professor at Vassar when the “student” asks if they can shred The Constitution because it triggers them and causes a panic attack says “sure” and then goes with the student and pulls the pocket constitution apart page by page and feeds it into a shredder.

A video in which another Professor says “The Constitution is an oppressive document. The Constitution makes changes slow; it intends to make changes slow”

No fucking shit lady! Yes it was intended to make the march of the government to it’s probable eventual march to dictatorship as slow as possible and give the people a chance to stop that march dead in it’s tracks!   Sigh…idiots like these…good little feminists and marxists…are your students teachers boys and girls.  I call them idiots because that was stalin’s name for them…Useful Idiots. Folks who after their usefulness was done, were put up against a wall and shot along with rest of us or otherwise…disappeared.  This also goes for the students who sign these petitions.

Same people made the previous video getting professors/admins at Yale, Syracuse and Cornell to do the same thing

Exhibit 2.  Here we are AGAIN at Yale University
To repeal the first amendment

Yep lets repeal the 1st amendment because then you’ll REALLY have safe spaces. Behind stone walls and razor wire……*headdesk*

Here’s a pretty good response to that stupidity…
I love this response!

Exhibit the 3rd.
Oh yes we also must be made safe from the evils of the song White Christmas because it promotes racism. Makes it sound like only White is good and all other colors are baaaad and it’s a microaggression..
18 young morons signed this one…

It’s a song about…Christmas and SNOW you fucking morons!

Again..18 signatures in about an hour at George Mason University. Apparently the students the  33000+ students GMU might be smarter than their  12000+ contemporaries at Yale.  OTOH it could be GMU having more than double the students means he would have gotten the same 50+ signatures the 1st amendment petition got at Yale…if he’d added an extra hour to his time on campus as an adjustment for the difference in student enrollment sizes.

Exhibit the 4th?
Oh yeah the 2000+ page Omnibus bill to fund the federal government for another year which…I’m betting most of the people who voted YES on it…never read.  In the case of the Dems it’s just them voting in lockstep with their party like good mindless  obedient little drones.  I’m at a loss to explain the republicans that voted for it though.  2000+ pages of ‘we don’t know what’s in it we just voted for it’ funding. Or a variation on “We have to vote on it, to find out whats in it” [I hope that quote haunts Pelosi, Reid and the rest of their ilk until they fucking die. I doubt it though..]

Oooohhhhhh!  Did I mention CISA is buried in this omnibus funding bill?  You remember CISA don’t you? The bill that would give the feds power to seize info without wants or warrants?  Forces companies to turn over emails and client information to the feds upon request? Again with no warrant needed?  Yeah that particular abortion of our fundamental freedoms and 1st amendment rights was in the bill too.  Section….1876 I believe it was when I looked at it the other day.   It’s called The Cybersecurity Act of 2015.  Sounds impressive and meant to protect us don’t it?  *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk*

So again I say…The Idiocracy is at hand!  Along with Orwell’ s 1984 and Animal Farm .  Along with to a smaller extent it seems, Bradbury’s Farenheit 451.  At least it seems on our college campuses and else where.

I’ll note a couple things..

1. Idiocracy was supposed to be a comedic film to entertain you; NOT some fucking prophecy you were supposed to fulfill you fucking morons!
2.Farenheit, Animal Farm and 1984 were supposed to be tales of warning. What we were supposed to avoid, NOT mother fucking instruction manuals you goose stepping, sig heiling, moronic, incompetent assholes!


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