27 people murdered with guns on Christmas Day? Hmmmm

I’m shocked. fucking shocked in the following fucking article I’m about to briefly dissect the fuck out of that once again the Progressive Propaganda Ministry is playing moral equivalence games. As if the guns themselves killed people. As if most of these weren’t gangland or criminal act related and NOT average citizens shooting someone.  As if stricter laws would have made one whit of difference to the criminals.  As if…stricter gun laws…would have made one whit of goddamn difference to those slaughtered like cattle in San Bernadino.  Yet folks were with in an hour or so of the news breaking pontificating that ‘oh if ONLY we had stricter gun laws the criminals wouldn’t have been able to get those awful guns!’ ignoring that California HAS all those laws. ETc ETc ad nauseum.  No. Seriously,  these people make me wanna vomit. For the record he no where states in this piece that guns must be regulated/banned.   Although  I believe from teh tone of the article it’s bloody well implied.  As usual I’m in italics.  Lets play…

In a grim reminder that violence in America never takes a holiday, 27 people were killed and 63 injured in shooting incidents on Christmas Day this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. This tally does not include people who shot themselves in suicide.

Hmmm yes yes…death in point of fact, never takes a holiday. People die every day. Whining about one particular manner in how they die as if it’s so much worse than others,  makes you look like an infant screaming because it dropped it’s binky.  Oh  lets take a look at the Gun Violence Archive website .  A website that categorically states in it’s about section that
“GVA is not, by design an advocacy group. The mission of GVA is to document incidents of gun violence and gun crime to provide raw, verified data to those who need to use it in their research, advocacy or writing.”  Yet they list the federal and state congressional districts in which the murders happen at the bottom of each incident report. Now I suppose I should give them the benefit of the doubt that they don’t in fact fall firmly on the “ban/regulate” all guns side of the argument…but even on short sleep I’m fucking skeptical.   
I’m shocked however…SHOCKED I Tell you to see that the author of this article actually had the moral and intellectual fortitude to NOT include suicide in the number of deaths mentioned in his article.  As so many might choose to do. 

The number of Americans killed in gun homicides on Christmas Day is comparable to the number of people killed in gun homicides in an entire year in places like Australia or Britain. The 27 people killed by guns in America on Christmas this year is equal to the total number of people killed in gun homicides in an entire year in Austria, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, Estonia, Bermuda, Hong Kong and Iceland, combined.

Sigh …yes yes…lets list a bunch of fucking countries in which murder with a gun supposedly didn’t happen all the while ignoring, demographics,as well as legal differences between countries…as in the way crimes are reported in the stats each year.   Forex…England? Unless you get tried, convicted and sentenced on murder charges…then even if you murdered someone….it doesn’t go in the national crime stats…as murder.  However lets ignore the 2 murders I can pull up in 20 seconds or less in England on Christmas eve and day.  One in which someone killed a an elderly man in his home. By setting fucking fire to it.   The article is short on info as are most articles, however   4 other souls made it out of the house but kinda forgot about the old man in their running out.   Poor bastard.    Oh yeah and lets compare apples and ora…no not orange; apples and POTATOES!  Seeing as how as pointed out by a friend…not a single one of those COUNTRIES can match the population density of say…NYC?

Then there was the christmas eve murder at a party. In which a man was stabbed to death after an argument at a party. Ow ow ow. Stabbing, multiple stabbing hurts boys and girls.    I love this bit from the article
“Senior Investigating Officer, Superintendent Nora Holford, said: ‘Although this is very shocking news for the community, I would urge them not to be alarmed, and we are working closely with them to reassure them.”    I’m actually sitting here shaking my head and giggling at that bit of asininity.   Because boys and girls….being stabbed to death and either being burned to death or suffocating in a fire are ‘so much better, than you know being killed with an eeebil gun. The English and others apparently think so.   Anyway lets look at some of the incidents shall we?

The dead included the parents of a young child who were shot during a robbery in Columbus, Ohio.
“Victor F. Mendez Paredes, 21, and Sayuri Casas Yerena, 18, were shot multiple times in a suspected robbery at the Wynds apartment complex on Courtside Road on the East Side. Both were shot as they sat in a car in the parking lot, Columbus police said. ”

Hmmm murder in the commission of a crime by a criminal. One presumably with a criminal record as long as my arm…therefore not allowed to own a firearm.  Yep…more gun laws would have helped there…feel bad for the child though. There are a couple other shootings in there in this same article  and oh look…shot by a perp during the commission of a crime.
a young couplekilled in their vehicle in the early morning hours near Augusta, Maine

Oh gee more people killed by criminals in the commission of a crime. what a shocker


the owner of a barbershop in Alabama who was known as “a strong voice against crime” in the community, according to local news reports.

One suspects since he was shot 2x in the back and once in the head for the coup de grace…this was in the nature of an execution by the criminal class for his daring to speak out against them.


At least two of the Christmas Day shootings qualified as mass shooting incidents with four or more people shot.
Noooo..say it ain’t so!

In one, a two-year old girl and three teenagers were injured in a shooting in a high-crime neighborhood in Jacksonville, Fla.

Ah gangbanger spray and pray by career thugs.

Later that night in Mobile, Ala., four teenagers were shot by two gunmen outside a movie theater.

and what we have here are more teenage thug wanna be’s shooting a couple other teenagers.  I’ll give the ones who were shot the benefit of the doubt at the moment as to whether or not they’re also wanna be’s. 


So far this year, we’ve averaged roughly 36 gun fatalities and 73 gun injuries each day, according to the Gun Violence Archive. So the Christmas Day tally represents something of a temporary de-escalation in the violence, but not a huge one

Wait…soooo what you and these numbers suggest is that even CRIMINALS take a holiday off. Holy fucking shit. Stop the Press! Wait…never mind this genius who wrote the article AIN’T Vicki Vale and even if he was a woman and was her…I’d still eviscerate her for her stupidity. I’d also still ask for a date and her number, but I digress. Back to the article

This year has brought renewed attention to the problem of mass shooting incidents in America. But the spate of Christmas Day violence is a reminder that many more people are killed and injured in a relentless daily drumbeat of gun crime that barely makes the headlines.

What do you mean ‘renewed attention’?  How can it be renewed attention when you, your paper and the rest of the Massively Shady Media…never  shut up about it?  Oh and problem? WHAT problem?  Do you realize that among our major crime stats;  murder is by FAR the lowest number on the books!  An infinitesimal percentage.  Oh and  “mass murders” an even MORE infinitesimal percentage of THAT infinitesimal percentage?  Yes I suspect you do but it doesn’t fit yours and the governments narrative.    Our Murder rate falls between .004-.009% every year; and since you probably forgot your math studies boyo…that’s 4 to 9 THOUSANDTHS of ONE percent!   Oh that’s number of people murdered each year as a percentage of population. Wait…What?!  Murder barely makes the headlines?  *scratches my head*  Really? You can sit there and TYPE this , this…STUPID, contradictory  statement with a straight face?  Seriously? After going through and listing several murders that made the headlines ;[3 out of 4 by the way crimes committed by actual criminals] while linking to a site that lists even more murders and backs that list up with even MORE fucking news stories, you can sit there and say murder doesn’t make, or “barely makes” the headlines?  I am astounded, flummoxed, pole axed, shocked, STUNNED even, at the lack of  logical thought in that article.  Also stunned at the lack of honesty in that statement. Well okay not really since I don’t expect honesty from the PPM but…*shrug*

I could keep going but I think ya’ll get the point.


Annnyway. here’s the link to the original article/op ed



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