Mizzou admissions hurt by racebating shitstains

Wait…hold on *points at my face* This is my shocked face….NOT  Gonna reprint the article in full with very few snarky comments because the article pretty much says it for me. article in italic
From an article on investors.com :
Racial Politics: The University of Missouri thought it could win black students’ hearts and minds by throwing its president to the race-mongering wolves. But it only lost future enrollees with such shameless appeasement.

Uhhh…let me guess…they thought wrong?

Mizzou is lamenting a sudden drop-off in student applications. Freshman applications in 2015 fell 5% from the previous year, while graduate student applications plunged 19%. Mizzou officials cite racial protests that rocked the school last fall.

*points* Again my not shocked face.

Egged on by Black Lives Matter agitators, racial tension on the campus erupted in September after the black student body president and other activists lodged a vague complaint of an unspecified racial slur shouted at a single black student allegedly by a passing motorist. The activists weren’t even sure if the offending person was a student there.

Then there was a report of a tiny swastika drawn on the wall of a dormitory bathroom in a dormitory. No one’s sure if it was intended to insult Jews or blacks.

No matter, students of color insisted the two incidents symbolized the “systematic oppression” experienced by them at the university. And so they demanded President Tim Wolfe step down. And he did, followed by the chancellor. Both of them are white.

What were their racist crimes? They didn’t move fast enough on their own pre-protest plan to promote diversity , though efforts had already begun on an online diversity training program. Activists also complained Wolf had the nerve to choose to not get out and talk to a threatening mob after it surrounded and blocked the convertible he was riding in during a homecoming parade.


Yeah he dared to get out and talk to a mindless mob that could only shout equally mindless and stupid slogans and half assed platitudes. Sigh the world is going to hell in a handbasket and these under educated, over privileged mental defectives are worried about non existent problems.  It’s like an argument I had with a friend over the term Chicoms once.  She saw it as racist. I said…nope. It’s a short derivative of the term Chinese Communist which is not a race it’s a fucking political philosophy, and has been in use since…well hell since longer than I’ve been alive.


Tensions boiled over. Black students staged hunger strikes, and African-American football players threatened to boycott games until Wolf left. Groups of blacks cordoned off areas that were off-limits to white students.

The militancy scared off parents and students. Enrollment declines are so bad that officials are calling accepted students to encourage them to attend.

Clearly, pandering to race-baiters has backfired. Yet other colleges haven’t learned the painful lesson. Last week, Tom Rochon, the white head at Ithaca College, quit over phony charges of racism drummed up by race-mongers. His resignation came after months-long protests over claims of “racial injustice” at the school.

These misguided militants are cutting off their noses to spite their face. By hurting enrollment, they’re jeopardizing resources and scholarship money that could help African-American students.

So just so we get this straight…the colleges are now being held hostage at the point of non existent gun.  Okay okay so they’re being held hostage at point of lawsu…No fuck it. They’re being held hostage by asinine, half assed terroristic threat and bad press.  By incompetent, temper tantrum throwing, diaper wearing. snot dripping, red faced screaming infants in need of a long overdue spanking.    A very small percentage of a small percentage of the population.  Get something straight. Blacks…comprise ohhh..iirc at this point it might have risen but at last census but not by much is 14%  So to appease a very small vocal, infinitesimal  subset of that 14%…you piss off the other 86% of the population?!   Along with one suspects a fair portion of that 14%?  What the fuck is wrong with people?   With schools? With…well with everything really? Can I point out yet again that the film Idiocracy was supposed to be a comedy film? Not a prophetic, desirable and fulfillable vision of the future?!  *facepalm* I need a strong alcoholic beverage and the day isn’t even half over yet


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