Cultural Appropriation and the destruction of the nation

in a discussion about those who…to put this in my own words WHINE LIKE SPOILED INFANTS about “cultural appropriation”. A friend of a friend by the name of Brian had the following to say

“What is ironic, is that it goes both ways.

Take the example of the black bimbo yelling at the white guy for having dreadlocks. Her point seems to be that he wasn’t born in Africa, so he can’t wear them. Now, nevermind the fact that she probably wasn’t born in Africa, either.

This woman is wearing pants (not invented in Africa), speaking a language that was not invented in Africa, and most likely eats food that is not African. I would even venture a guess that she has appropriated Mexican culture by eating a taco! She probably lives in some sort of building that is not African. And I’d bet she has a non-African phone. She probably listens to music that is not-African, and watches non-African TV and movies.

And she’s worried about some guy’s hair??”

I really do find those who whine about ‘cultural appropriation” annoying. Since most of the ones doing a lot of the whining are spoiled, privileged little shits, who were born and raised right here in the United States of America. They whine about being poor. Yet, they eat good food most of them. They aren’t starving. They have decent clothes on their backs, have cars, live in air conditioned homes and drive cars that others in the 3rd world can only dream of  because in those parts of the world the main mode of transport is shanks mare. That’s getting off your fat ass and WALKING for those that don’t know the etymology of shanks mare. Anyway…these puling infants have grown up in America.  The petri dish of freedom, that was once called ‘the melting pot of the world’ where people came, to be not Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, African-Americans etc etc, but simply be FREE.  Now look at us. Makes me alternately wanna puke and hurt people. Teddy Roosevelt …though I don’t agree with everything he always said an did[anymore than I’ve agreed with everything ANY sitting president past and present has ever done including ones I voted for] said it best…

““There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism.” primarily because as Teddy points out later in the speech that this quote is is the opening line from…that way lies the destruction and ruination of the Republic.
““The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities

We the People…primarily in the form of the government and the flaming dictat issuing, power mad ASSHOLES we keep electing…have to pigeon hole everyone. Categorize them. Because [and pay attention here boys and girls] in categorizing people…in pigeon holing them…they can be controlled. Through separation, ostracization…from pitting one section of hyphenated American against another or even against every other single category of hyphenated American.  In this way…you/we are controlled. I can hear it now “I’m not controlled! how can I be controlled! the government said ‘blah blah blah’ I’m informed!’  Oh really?  Have you paid attention or actually READ any of the Bills proposed in the house and senate and tracked their progress?  Do you truly understand what those bills will do to/mean to you? To the system of government?  Have you studied similar approaches and instances in history?  Have you studied history at ALL beyond textbooks? No? Then you are controlled because you’re letting the government and the media [which at this point is by and large on the national scale no more than the propaganda ministry for the government] do your thinking FOR you, and dictating what you learn instead of opening your mind and help you understand how you’re being controlled.

Quote unquote Class Warfare is another means of control.  Think about it.  What do those of the liberal political stripe keep saying. That “the rich should pay their fair share’  Uh ‘scuze me?’  They DO pay their fair share. All it takes is a little google work boys and girls. A little google work will tell you the top 10% of wage earners…meaning anyone with an adjusted gross income of $250,000  or more per year…pay [depending on the years stats you’re looking at, pay between 50-80% of the taxes.  IOW they comprise only a small percentage of the actual tax base but pay the bulk of the tax burden.  Stop and think about that. If that does not make you go ‘daaaayuuummm.  I didn’t know that. I’ve been stupid. Why did I let those assholes manipulated me into believing something that wasn’t true?’  *shrug* there just isn’t any help for you.  The Right…
*uhhhh sorry. got derailed folks. had to take care of my father who just had surgery so…shit happens. needless to say I lost my train of thought so gonna finish this up here*
aren’t necessarily any better in certain ways some of them. Just depends on their brand or stripe if you will, of conservatism.  Stop agreeing with someone just because they say something that ‘sounds’ good.  Stop agreeing with wholly asinine and stupid fucking memes on social media just because they fit you’re own preconceived and programmed notions and prejudices. Study history and a LOT of it. Study economics…you’ll find most of what you’re being sold by the media is a false bill of goods. Don’t be programmed just by what you learn in school. Why? I’ll tell you a quick personal parable.  in High school….way back wehen..I SLEPT through my history classes and got away with it. Why?  Because I loved to study history and devoured the textbook in a matter of just a few weeks. The ENTIRE textbook, and some of you might still remember just how thick some of those damn things were. What’s more  is I knew a good portion of the material BEFORE I read the textbooks because I enjoyed history so I read and learned a LOT of it. Now I don’t read it so much anymore or remember a good chunk of it. By choice. Why? because we’re stupidly allowing ourselves to be led around by the goddamn nose. Programmed, controlled by the very government that is supposed to be our servant.

Heres a couple of final quotes and some food for thought.
1. attributed to George Washington but scholars a lot of them say…nope. still very accurate, true, and relevant  though. Even more so here in our present and in our future.  It’s why I despise the federal gov’t and think it needs to be pruned significantly with a very big damn chainsaw.
“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”
Pay attention to that last bit because we the people AND the government are being VERY irresponsible.

2. This next one is from a former slave and statesman. by the name of Fredrick Douglass.  Never heard of him? Yeah well…what did I tell you about reading history?
“No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck”
Expecting government to do everything for you and force your own preconceived notions upon everyone else….is in fact using the government to put your fellow man in slave chains. The government is a really bad slave master and will show no favorites. Rest assured if you ask the government to do this…your own neck will be in the noose, and your back will bear the same whip marks as the poor bastard you sold down the river because you were blind.


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