Ah the huffpo. stupid as usual

Hello ladies and gents. The Huffpo as stated is posting it’s usual inanity, insanity and regurgitated vomit. My responses in italics.

While I’ve never been especially fond of political correctness for its own sake, I’ve encountered enough well-meaning white people embarrassing themselves to know that a brief tutorial can’t hurt.

Uhh you DO realize that not just this second sentence here…but this entire article show that first sentence for the bald faced, willful and asinine lie that it is?  You ARE fond of political correctness not just for it’s own sake but for the false sense of moral superiority it gives you. 

For those who insist that they could never say anything racist because they are not racists, I present a quick reminder: Just because you didn’t intend for something to sound racist, doesn’t mean it isn’t, and just because you don’t think you’re a racist, doesn’t mean you’re not.

So…despite the fact that A. Racism is a complete misnomer so B..in point of fact me and everybody else are in point of  fact are NOT racists….you’re still gonna call us that, because after all you know better?  Why does this not surprise me in the slightest?

I refer you to the Washington Redskins and every idiot who insists that Native Americans should be “honored” to be so warmly insulted. Newsflash: Determining whether this team’s name is racist is not up to anyone but Native Americans. If you are not Native American, your opinion on the issue is at best irrelevant. I know it’s hard for some to accept, but white people don’t get to determine what is and isn’t racist.

Because no one but white folk can be racists?  Oh you smug, self righteous twit with delusions of adequacy.  Have you looked in a mirror lately? Or actually read what you’ve just written? It’s some of the most divisive and “racist” tripe it’s ever been my misfortune to read. Go back to school. Or…just open a fucking dictionary.

As an American who reflects an increasingly common and decidedly ambiguous shade of brown, I have been questioned and “complimented” in some of the strangest ways—rarely by people intending to sound racist, but often by people who end up sounding super racist.

Seriously?  Do you get out of bed every morning actively looking for “racism” to be offended by? Never mind…of course you do.  This ‘article’ is proof of that.

So I present the following list as a sort of public service. While it is far from exhaustive, it represents a fair sampling of the kinds of comments that often make those of us with more melanin cringe—or just never contact you after you give us your business cards. So here goes, in no particular order:

oh goody we’re finally gonna get the meat of this article.

Do not use the word “exotic” to refer to humans who do not look like you. We are not fruit, and it is not a compliment. The longer you insist on assuring us that it is a compliment, the stupider you look. Just give it up.

facepalm  Lets look up Exotic in the dictionary shall we?

short version:very different, strange, or unusual

introduced from another country :  not native to the place where found.

absolutely correct. meaning while you may have been born here…you’re family roots go back to another locale entirely. How is this not accurate?  Hell my own roots when you dig go to scotland, ireland, england and germany. For starters.

strikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously different or unusual
Which considering how some mixed ‘race’  births pan out as the child grows…is completely apt as a descriptor

So yes…exotic is a completely accurate term. Meaning while you may have been born here. your ‘racial’ and national roots go back to someplace else. Which is true for all Americans.

  • Do not use the word “ethnic” as though it were a distinct race or nationality.

    *raises an eyebrow* ethnicity IS in point of fact another word synonymous for/with race and or nationality. You don’t believe me? GOOGLE it you lackluster halfwit!

  • Do not ask people where they are from more than once. Trust them the first time. No need for “Where are you really from?” or “Where are your parents from?”

    Sigh.   As to the former…you’re going to run into people that like you were failed by the public education system.  Just in a different manner. Deal with it.    As to the latter…fucking seriously? You’re gonna get offended by people who are curious about and interested enough in you to ask for more background and detail?  Jesus Jumpin H Christ!  You really ARE a self centered self aggrandizing idiot.

  • Avoid statements like, “Wouldn’t it be great to live during [insert any era during which the person you’re talking to couldn’t vote or own property]?”

    Nope it couldn’t possibly be that something else than your pet logical fallacy fascinates them about that era. Granted that’s no reason to not educate them about the downsides of an era but to automatically assume it’s because “racism” makes YOU the racist. However I repeat myself with that latter. I’ll try not to do that anymore but I doubt you’re gonna make avoiding such redundancy easy.

  • Resist the urge to ever say, “I have a lot of [fill in the blank with the racial, religious or ethnic group with which you are least familiar] friends.”


  • Remember that reverse racism isn’t a thing. Racism is about the abuse of power and privilege. If your race denies you power and privilege, then you can’t be racist. Certainly, you can still be an asshole. Just not a racist.

    Nope…because racism can only come from one specific group, aka white people, right?  Wrong you ignorant twatwaffle.  

  • Unless you are one of “those people” making fun of other people calling you “those people,” then never say “those people.”

    oO…oh great. I’ll bet if we were at the same party and I said to a small group of friends “hey those people over there look like they’re having a really good time lets find out what’s up” you’d scream racist. Seriously lady? You’re starting to bore me and annoy me with this shit.

  • Remember, we are not all from any one place. Pretending we are just makes you look delusional. So avoid the “We’re all from Africa anyway” statements.

    *LOL*  Lady I’ll simply point out that you ARE delusional.

  • Unless you have achromatopsia, never say “I don’t see color.”

    Bitch please. *smh*  Anything else your highness? 

    If any of this offends you as a white person, I ask simply that you sit with that discomfort for a while. Really feel it. Now imagine that your distress weren’t the temporary consequence of reading an article, but rather the permanent consequence of living in your own skin.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you’re seeing “racism” everywhere…perhaps you should admit you have a problem.  U suggest taking a looonnnnnnng look into a mirror and have a long chat with the source of the racism in that mirror.

    Ooooops. forgot the link.


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