Here we are 2017.

Just a short post to let you folks know I’m alive. Granted I haven’t been posting really. , yet here I am.  After all the hub bub over the election this past year, all the hate, vitriol and rank willfull stupidity, it’s over and done. Donald Trump is our next president. Wasn’t who I would have liked to see in the office to be  honest. However…the total hysterical meltdown of the left, before he’s even been sworn into office yet; has my schadenboner, long, strong and raging. I’m also alternately going back and forth between laughing at people and just shaking my head at their lack of education, intelligence, reading comprehension and complete lack of critical thinking ability. Our schools and our government have brought us to this place.   Where civil discourse and rational conversation has been replaced; with scream fests, hysterical crying fits, physical and verbal assault against people for either voting for, or being THOUGHT to vote for Trump. Along with cries of racism, misogyny, etc etc ad fucking nauseum; in the place of thought out responses to questions or statements.  Where difference of opinion from anything dictated to you by the government, the media, the left in met with the aforementioned vitriol and attempted silencing, censoring and banning.  It’s the Scarlet Letter writ large in the internet age. It’s petty, asinine and infuriating. I’d bet money I don’t even have, that most of those folks causing the hate, discontent and trying to do all the silencing of differing opinions, especially when those differing opinions are based on facts and cold hard numbers, have never read any of the classics, never read any literature outside of what their parents, their teachers, and professors told them to read. Also..never read beyond what they ‘learned in school’.    Anyway…yep, still kicking. be strong, be patient…it’s my fervent hope that the leftist ideology driving this stupidity and the party and media machines putting it out, will collapse under the weight of their own inept corruption.


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