A Rare Post

Yes! Hory Sheet! The Angry Sane Man is back! Well for a very rare occasional post.

What brings about this one?  The Calls for Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. The man has been in office a bare fucking MONTH you, results of a gang bang of a dockside hooker by a herd of passing donkeys!  Perpend…

Germs and Virii. Especially the liberals/progressives among you. . A few questions.Do you SERIOUSLY want Trump impeached? Do you actually understand what an impeachment process is? My own thoughts as to the 2nd? I have serious doubts that most of the folks screaming loudest for it have clue fucking one on the latter. I do. So let me explain something. In 241 years of this nations existence, not ONE sitting president has been successfully impeached. And only 3 if memory serves have ever had proceedings brought against them. 3 out of what is now 45 of them. That’s 7% that actually had proceedings brought against them of which 0% were actually successfully impeached. I’ll grant Nixon might have ended up being a successful impeachment,  if he hadn’t resigned. The other two Johnson and Clinton actually made it through the full trial, because that’s what an impeachment is, you amoebic brained moronic infants! A trial, NOT a fucking populist goddamn lynch mob!  I swear some of you fucking twits would fit right in with the KKK.  Don’t like the comparison? Life’s a bitch and then you die children,  because I’m not exactly fond of your infantile selves either.
Here’s more food for thought, lets assume it’s actually successful. Some of you will get a hard on by the thought of Trump being ousted.  However, *holds up a finger* have any of you necropheliac, che guevarra corpse fucking, sniveling little shits thought past the success of that?  *counts to 10 while you sit there slack jawed*  Yeaaaahhh..didn’t think so. What prize do you win? Why you win   your own completely ludicrous example of a personal boogie man, Mike Pence as the President. Yes the man the far left screams about wanting to round up all the gays and giving them shock aversion therapy to make them good little reedumacated straight people! *slow clap*  Okay…now  lets say you actually manage that by mid terms. [not. fucking. likely] Actually stop and think about that one folks.
Now here’s more food for thought…while history statistically is against it, lets say for shits and giggles that the republicans carry the midterms in 2018. What I’m proposing is that,  not only do repubs hold on to their current seats in the senate, of which only 8 are for grabs [or defense on teh republicans part], but manage to grab at least a 3rd or better of the DEMOCRAT seats up for grabs in the senate [of which there’s 26 iirc]. Not only that they make gains in the House. Again…history is against the likelihood of it happening statistically because it historically happens that the opposition gains the seats in a mid term election.  It’s happened the exact opposite meaning the party in power gains yet more seats  in a mid terms once, maybe twice I think..I’d have to look it up again.
Okay so in all your  hydrophobic panting, snarling and foaming at the mouth asininity, you have actually managed to get Trump impeached. Pence is now our President AND…the people have overwhelmingly handed the keys to our Constitutional Republic to the republicans.
I will now leave you to the waking nightmares such a scenario will give you, because if republicans ;and since Libertarians tended to get lumped in with republicans, libertarians as well,  are as bad as your one track uneducated, easily led minds tell you?  Because your chosen spin doctors and  muck rakers TELL you to think this way? Because you’re parents and school systems and professors have TAUGHT you to think and believe this way?   Well golly gee whiz beaver, guess what?! YOU are gonna be fucked up the ass. sideways. without lube.  Sweet Dreams children. Sweet Dreams

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