OMG Another Rare posting! Object lessons

Not much of one though. Idle thoughts mostly

Virginia…it’s been suggested that the two opposing groups should have been put in thunderdome style cage and let them fight it out til the last one standing and left alive and that one goes to jail.  IF the hype over this turns out to be true…works for me. It’s also been suggested that teh police were ORDERED not to interfere, thereby CONDONING the rioting and fuckery. If so…the police chief and the mayor need their heads mounted on fucking pikes in front of city hall still bleeding from the stumps of their necks. See the same shit was done by the mayor of berkley during the troubles there in recent months. Another set of heads that needs to be publicly displayed as an object warning.

White Privilege. Uhhh seriously?  another made up term to belittle people and make any relationships with them toxic? WTF? Anyone who utters that term with anything other than scorn and contempt for the concept needs to be permantly housed in a sanitarium somewhere.  Seriously. you wanna know how we got here ‘race relations’ wise? you need look no further back then the very BEGINNING of Obama’s term. To a hypocritical black college professor and Obama’s statement straight out the gate without having any facts, that the police were wrong.  then of course the long litany of other race relation deteriorating grand standing STUPIDITY.  Trayvon, Brown, etc etc etc ad fucking nauseum.  There is where things started going rapidly down hill again like shit through a goose.

North Korea- Fuck it. launch missile, bomber and artillery strikes and lay waste to North Korea and get it the fuck over with. As yet ANOTHER object lesson in…Do. Not. Fuck. With. Me.

Venezuela-  Yeah that one is it’s own object lesson, they don’t need any help. they made their bed and set it on let them lay down and die in it. Which they are…at a frightening always growing rate.  did you know that since chavez originally took over back in 99 the murder rate and violent death rate in general has been steadily sky rocketing? In a country of roughly now..30 million people…their violent death  rate last year was iirc 30000?  think about that.  I expect it will exceed that this year.  their neighbors are gonna have to step up to that plate after the full scale civil war breaks out.  and it will. not that I expect it to last long, not when private gun ownership was banned under Chavez’s successor. they closed the last civilian gun store while chavez was still alive.

OMG Trump is literally hitler and anyone who supports him is a nazi!   Sigh…go. fuck. yourself you upright amoeba and stop procreating.  Your stupidity and ignorance is a threat to the future existence of the species.

Sigh…I really don’t like  most of my fellow man right now. the rank stupidity being displayed is disheartening.

I need to go find something fun to do on this sunday afternoon. I’m out


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