Ahh the dragon awards. albeit a bit LATE.

Sorry about that. life an all got in the way.

Fucking whining about puppies AGAIN? Good grief.

It has….come to the wolf’s attention that the same folks who were all in an uproar about Sad Puppies in recent years;  are now pissing and moaning  about awards again. Saying that the Dragon Awards is a right wing loaded fest.   *scratches my head and holds up a finger*  Uhhhhhh….have any of you simpering, panting, and foaming at the mouth hydrophobic fuckers ever  actually BEEN to a DragonCon?  The Dragon Awards are run by the same folks you know. So you’re insulting the folks who run the most loved and well known con outside of the various Comicons, by questioning their integrity?  Y’all grok ‘pot, kettle, black’?  No. Cereally, because jesus jumpin h christ assfucking an alligators corpse, that’s projection of epic proportions.   Furthermore I thought this was supposed to be by and FOR the fans. By allowing the withdrawls the award committee spit upon the fans ANDtheir own rules right along side the authors involved.

Lets start with Madam Jemisin shall we?

I found out belatedly that The Obelisk Gate had been nominated for the Dragon Awards, basically when I started to hear murmurs that the awards were especially problematic this year. I went to go see what the problem was… and lo and behold, there was my book. No one had notified me I was on the ballot. Apparently not many people affiliated with DragonCon even know the awards exist, or that voting is currently open. So basically I found out by complete chance.

Yes well boo boo’s do happen and I would think you’d be grateful that your FANS got you on the ballot.

There’s a nasty tendency on the part of some organizations to try and use tokens — most often women and people of color — as ornamentation and flak shielding. It’s a way of saying, “Hey! Look! We’re diverse. We’re fair. [Person X’s presence] proves it!” when in fact the fairness may be an unearned veneer and the diversity a reluctant afterthought

Ohhh…you mean like…The Hugos?  I DARE anyone reading this…go look at teh photo’s of Hugo Winners. You will find…despite screaming about how diverse they are during the Sad Puppy kerfluffles that the winners were overwhelmingly white, old, and more often than not..MALE though there were a number of old white women in them photos too.  SMH and Ms Jemisin wants to talk about tokenism? I did mention pot kettle black didn’t I?   *facepalm* She then goes on to mention a phone call she had with an award committee member and was assured that the votes which put her on the ballot were in fact, legitimate and withdrew anyway.  Seriously lady?  You’ve got a real towering ego there, to think your detractors, of which I’m one, would  vote you onto an awards ballot simply for tokenism.   Hate to break it to you…ya just ain’t that important to those of us that dislike you. Outside of seeing you as someone to heap laughter upon and scorn you for your antics.

Now we move on to  Madam Littlewood who said the following..

As stated in my previous post, I have contacted the Dragon Awards administrators to request that my nomination for The Hidden People be withdrawn. The book has been selected as part of a voting slate by a member of the ‘Rabid Puppies’ voting bloc, which I feel may have undue influence over the awards outcome. I have no connection with the Rabid Puppies and have no wish to benefit from any kind of interference in the voting process.

I wonder if she ever stopped to consider that Vox or whoever got it on Vox’s list of nominees (and yes it was on his nominee list) …actually gasp likes her work?  Just because you disagree with someones politics doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the story they tell.   See if he was doing it because he disliked her and wanted to pack a ballot he’d have nominated NK Jemisin.  Or maybe K “Tempest in a Teacup” Bradford.  Though I’m not sure whether Tempest has written anything recently that would be eligible *shrug*  Hell if the personal held politics of someone could make me stop reading or watching someone…there would be in the case of the latter…a metric fuckton of movies and tv shows I would no longer watch. Hell in the case of both there would be a metric fuckton of stuff I’d have sold off because of it.  Only valid reason in my eyes to sell or donate books is space considerations, hence why I’m going primarily the ebook route now; and/or it just doesn’t interest me anymore.  There is some stuff I’ve held onto simply because if I get rid of it and I change my mind, it’ll be impossible to find again locally.

Madam Littlewood went on to thank her fans and supporters for their support because initially the Dragons were not going to let her withdraw.  Something they’ve changed their minds about. Which is how Madam Jemisin was able to withdraw.

I’d lash on John Scalzi for a bit…but he’s  reconsidered and is staying on. Plus I’m already bored with this. to be honest where Scalzi is concerned I’m stunned he stayed.   I disagree with and generally hold Scalzi in contempt for his politics. I do like his Old Man’s War books, can’t stand the rest of them though. Utter Stinkers.  However as many people are known to say..YMMV.


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