Another nutball shoots up a crowd and all the sudden we need to have this conversation AGAIN?!  Jesus people are dense

So many people are under a flaming misapprehension. That the Constitution is out dated.  Wrong.
That the rights protected there in are actually granted by the Constitution. Wrong
That we should be able to have a ‘popular’ vote to get rid of the second amendment or change it. Hell forget the 2nd for a minute PICK an amendment.

I see soo many people spouting this bullshit, musicians, actors and worst of all…politicians with a political axe to grind and a driving need to dominate the people and make people subjects instead of free people.

Lets start with some celebs….|
Jennifer Nettles…

“why don’t we  require everyone to vote on whether or not civilians need assault rifles/silencers. Let the people speak not money nor politics”

Someone rightly pointed out “they did. it’s called the 2nd amendment

to which her response was…”No silly. I mean today, not 1787 when technically it was signed upon, not voted upon. I mean vote today, you know?”

Sigh….okay FINE lets have a vote to change it, shall we?  Our forefathers thought of that. It requires a constitutional convention.  To change an amendment means 2/3’s of the senate has to vote yes. 2/3’s of the House has to vote yes and then 3/4’s of the state’s have to ratify it.  Go ahead. Try. I don’t think you’ll like the results worth a damn.


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