Vive La Revolution or “we need a civil war because Trump…”

We are seemingly besieged  by, I swear (loudly profanely and fucking constantly) duck fucking, brain damaged,  illiterate, willfully ignorant and proud of it, goddamn leftist morons!!

The Title of this is of course the cry of the left, from the leftist retards in government. From their ass munching psychophants in the press and the willfully ignorant among their followers. Verily doth I say unto thee…Perpend fuckheads because I need to ‘splain something to you. You brain addled results of a dalliance between a syphilitic dockside hooker and a herd of passing donkeys.

Revolution is NOT a good thing. It is a last resort for when you are TRULY up shit creek with no recourse. Anyone suggesting otherwise should promptly go feed themselves feet first into a goddamn industrial woodchipper so they can actually be useful for a change. As mulch.  Frankly I fear a civil war kicking off. Why?
Because unlike most of you leftist retards I actually studied history…not for a degree but for shits and giggles and because I enjoyed it.  The way our fight against England for independence turned out…was the exception to the way these revolutions usually work out, not the rule!  If you mental defectives kick off a civil war, it will not go the way you think.

*headscratch*  You seem to be under the delusion that a civil war will leave you in charge. This…truly is a delusion. Stalin had a name for people like you. He called you useful idiots.  after he was done with you, he generally either put you in the gulag or up against a wall to be shot.   You are also under the mass delusion, some of you, that somehow the military will do all your fighting for you. *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk headd…crack*
Sigh ….damn broke the desk.  You constantly denigrate those in rural areas and fly over country and red states. Yet…where does the almost overwhelming majority of the military come from?   Those very same places you denigrate and belittle.  I can hear the replies now “but but…they have to obey, they swore to obey.” They swore to obey LAWFUL orders and orders to systematically slaughter your fellow citizens because you disagree with the political philosophy of those NOT lawful at all. You know what else they swore?  To defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Now just for shits and giggles lets say someone in power is STUPID enough to give such an order. What do you think most of the military is gonna do?  Some will obey sure. Most I believe will desert and join the ranks of those you spend all your time defiling and denigrating.  In the end it will destroy this country.  I honestly think that”s what some of you in your delusional arrogance want.

After some time of some seriously nasty internecine war.  If you’re curious as to what it it will look like…assuming your side of this political argument finds the balls and knowledge to pick up  guns and use them effectively?  Take a gander at say…Beirut in the 80’s. What goes on in the so called ‘middle east’ every day. Or the Balkan Civil War. Even if the ‘right’ wins…there still won’t be a country left…not really. Not the Constitutional Republic our founders created anyway.  If your side wins it’ll be even worse because you have no concept of what you’re proposing, nor any concept of the results.

“but but…Trump is appointing judges!!!! He’s gonna cause Roe V Wade to be overturned and gay rights to be set back and and and…”
Take. A. Fucking. Breathe and chill out.  Roe V Wade? settled law.  There are those on the right that don’t like it.  There are those that rah rah rah it, to death.    Roe V Wade is a nuclear hot potato. No USSC Judge in their right minds, which is pretty much all of them with the possible exception of Sotomayor. …WANT to handle that potato or have fuck all to do with it.  The Court does NOT want that particular potato exploding in their face. So again…take a fucking breathe and stop screaming like a toddler.  Whether Christians or anyone else dislike it, is irrelevant, it’s settled law.
As far as Trump appointing judges? It IS in point of fact, HIS MOTHER FUCKING JOB!!!! Jesus you fuckers are hypocritical. You didn’t see anywhere near this level of hue and cry and screaming from the right when Obama appointed what are arguably, two activist judges.  You fuckers had the signs printed up for all the likely picks ready and paid for before the damn announcement was ever made!  No hand made signs for you. Nooooo, you went someplace like Office Depot or some shit and had those signs printed up professionally.  Probably weeks ago.
Gay rights?  Newsflash…most people flat out do not give a rats ass about whether someone is gay or not.  Most people don’t put other people in monolithic blocks as some sort of….victim squad that is always picked upon and expect them to vote and think a certain way. Simply because they fit within that demographic. Grow up.

Actually it’s been a while since I’ve done a post so I could go on and on and on about poltics of the day and various stances that make my teeth ache.   I won’t though.

I will simply reiterate…a civil war will not go well, will not end well. It will not end up with the left in control making this country over into some socialist, eco freak, utopian fucking paradise. It will be a hell hole. Also? as an addendum? Someone pointed out else net that such a civil war leaves us wide open and rife with opportunity for some outside agitator…saaaay RUSSIA? *snicker* or the mexicans, or the chinese…or who ever, to waltz in and take over.   You think you’ll get your paradise then leftists?

PS for those on the Right that say Bring it! when the left says stupid shit about having a civil war?  You should not want it for much the same reasons I just gave the left.  Just because I happen to agree with much of what the ‘right’ does, does not make the right automatically a candidate for sainthood. Does not mean you will be able to bring the country back to what it should be.  I think no matter which side of the argument wins the war if it kicks, we are going to be no longer the UNITED States; but a bunch of little nation states, in a state of constant warfare. Assuming that one of the remaining big players doesn’t waltz in and take over.

Call me a pessimist if you want. Doesn’t bother me. As I said..unlike most I’ve studied a metric shit ton of history. Forgotten a lot of it too….on purpose.


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