Ah the huffpo. stupid as usual

Hello ladies and gents. The Huffpo as stated is posting it’s usual inanity, insanity and regurgitated vomit. My responses in italics.

While I’ve never been especially fond of political correctness for its own sake, I’ve encountered enough well-meaning white people embarrassing themselves to know that a brief tutorial can’t hurt.

Uhh you DO realize that not just this second sentence here…but this entire article show that first sentence for the bald faced, willful and asinine lie that it is?  You ARE fond of political correctness not just for it’s own sake but for the false sense of moral superiority it gives you. 

For those who insist that they could never say anything racist because they are not racists, I present a quick reminder: Just because you didn’t intend for something to sound racist, doesn’t mean it isn’t, and just because you don’t think you’re a racist, doesn’t mean you’re not.

So…despite the fact that A. Racism is a complete misnomer so B..in point of fact me and everybody else are in point of  fact are NOT racists….you’re still gonna call us that, because after all you know better?  Why does this not surprise me in the slightest?

I refer you to the Washington Redskins and every idiot who insists that Native Americans should be “honored” to be so warmly insulted. Newsflash: Determining whether this team’s name is racist is not up to anyone but Native Americans. If you are not Native American, your opinion on the issue is at best irrelevant. I know it’s hard for some to accept, but white people don’t get to determine what is and isn’t racist.

Because no one but white folk can be racists?  Oh you smug, self righteous twit with delusions of adequacy.  Have you looked in a mirror lately? Or actually read what you’ve just written? It’s some of the most divisive and “racist” tripe it’s ever been my misfortune to read. Go back to school. Or…just open a fucking dictionary.

As an American who reflects an increasingly common and decidedly ambiguous shade of brown, I have been questioned and “complimented” in some of the strangest ways—rarely by people intending to sound racist, but often by people who end up sounding super racist.

Seriously?  Do you get out of bed every morning actively looking for “racism” to be offended by? Never mind…of course you do.  This ‘article’ is proof of that.

So I present the following list as a sort of public service. While it is far from exhaustive, it represents a fair sampling of the kinds of comments that often make those of us with more melanin cringe—or just never contact you after you give us your business cards. So here goes, in no particular order:

oh goody we’re finally gonna get the meat of this article.

Do not use the word “exotic” to refer to humans who do not look like you. We are not fruit, and it is not a compliment. The longer you insist on assuring us that it is a compliment, the stupider you look. Just give it up.

facepalm  Lets look up Exotic in the dictionary shall we?

short version:very different, strange, or unusual

introduced from another country :  not native to the place where found.

absolutely correct. meaning while you may have been born here…you’re family roots go back to another locale entirely. How is this not accurate?  Hell my own roots when you dig go to scotland, ireland, england and germany. For starters.

strikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously different or unusual
Which considering how some mixed ‘race’  births pan out as the child grows…is completely apt as a descriptor

So yes…exotic is a completely accurate term. Meaning while you may have been born here. your ‘racial’ and national roots go back to someplace else. Which is true for all Americans.

  • Do not use the word “ethnic” as though it were a distinct race or nationality.

    *raises an eyebrow* ethnicity IS in point of fact another word synonymous for/with race and or nationality. You don’t believe me? GOOGLE it you lackluster halfwit!

  • Do not ask people where they are from more than once. Trust them the first time. No need for “Where are you really from?” or “Where are your parents from?”

    Sigh.   As to the former…you’re going to run into people that like you were failed by the public education system.  Just in a different manner. Deal with it.    As to the latter…fucking seriously? You’re gonna get offended by people who are curious about and interested enough in you to ask for more background and detail?  Jesus Jumpin H Christ!  You really ARE a self centered self aggrandizing idiot.

  • Avoid statements like, “Wouldn’t it be great to live during [insert any era during which the person you’re talking to couldn’t vote or own property]?”

    Nope it couldn’t possibly be that something else than your pet logical fallacy fascinates them about that era. Granted that’s no reason to not educate them about the downsides of an era but to automatically assume it’s because “racism” makes YOU the racist. However I repeat myself with that latter. I’ll try not to do that anymore but I doubt you’re gonna make avoiding such redundancy easy.

  • Resist the urge to ever say, “I have a lot of [fill in the blank with the racial, religious or ethnic group with which you are least familiar] friends.”


  • Remember that reverse racism isn’t a thing. Racism is about the abuse of power and privilege. If your race denies you power and privilege, then you can’t be racist. Certainly, you can still be an asshole. Just not a racist.

    Nope…because racism can only come from one specific group, aka white people, right?  Wrong you ignorant twatwaffle.  

  • Unless you are one of “those people” making fun of other people calling you “those people,” then never say “those people.”

    oO…oh great. I’ll bet if we were at the same party and I said to a small group of friends “hey those people over there look like they’re having a really good time lets find out what’s up” you’d scream racist. Seriously lady? You’re starting to bore me and annoy me with this shit.

  • Remember, we are not all from any one place. Pretending we are just makes you look delusional. So avoid the “We’re all from Africa anyway” statements.

    *LOL*  Lady I’ll simply point out that you ARE delusional.

  • Unless you have achromatopsia, never say “I don’t see color.”

    Bitch please. *smh*  Anything else your highness? 

    If any of this offends you as a white person, I ask simply that you sit with that discomfort for a while. Really feel it. Now imagine that your distress weren’t the temporary consequence of reading an article, but rather the permanent consequence of living in your own skin.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you’re seeing “racism” everywhere…perhaps you should admit you have a problem.  U suggest taking a looonnnnnnng look into a mirror and have a long chat with the source of the racism in that mirror.

    Ooooops. forgot the link.


Cultural Appropriation and the destruction of the nation

in a discussion about those who…to put this in my own words WHINE LIKE SPOILED INFANTS about “cultural appropriation”. A friend of a friend by the name of Brian had the following to say

“What is ironic, is that it goes both ways.

Take the example of the black bimbo yelling at the white guy for having dreadlocks. Her point seems to be that he wasn’t born in Africa, so he can’t wear them. Now, nevermind the fact that she probably wasn’t born in Africa, either.

This woman is wearing pants (not invented in Africa), speaking a language that was not invented in Africa, and most likely eats food that is not African. I would even venture a guess that she has appropriated Mexican culture by eating a taco! She probably lives in some sort of building that is not African. And I’d bet she has a non-African phone. She probably listens to music that is not-African, and watches non-African TV and movies.

And she’s worried about some guy’s hair??”

I really do find those who whine about ‘cultural appropriation” annoying. Since most of the ones doing a lot of the whining are spoiled, privileged little shits, who were born and raised right here in the United States of America. They whine about being poor. Yet, they eat good food most of them. They aren’t starving. They have decent clothes on their backs, have cars, live in air conditioned homes and drive cars that others in the 3rd world can only dream of  because in those parts of the world the main mode of transport is shanks mare. That’s getting off your fat ass and WALKING for those that don’t know the etymology of shanks mare. Anyway…these puling infants have grown up in America.  The petri dish of freedom, that was once called ‘the melting pot of the world’ where people came, to be not Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, African-Americans etc etc, but simply Americans.to be FREE.  Now look at us. Makes me alternately wanna puke and hurt people. Teddy Roosevelt …though I don’t agree with everything he always said an did[anymore than I’ve agreed with everything ANY sitting president past and present has ever done including ones I voted for] said it best…

““There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism.” primarily because as Teddy points out later in the speech that this quote is is the opening line from…that way lies the destruction and ruination of the Republic.
““The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities

We the People…primarily in the form of the government and the flaming dictat issuing, power mad ASSHOLES we keep electing…have to pigeon hole everyone. Categorize them. Because [and pay attention here boys and girls] in categorizing people…in pigeon holing them…they can be controlled. Through separation, ostracization…from pitting one section of hyphenated American against another or even against every other single category of hyphenated American.  In this way…you/we are controlled. I can hear it now “I’m not controlled! how can I be controlled! the government said ‘blah blah blah’ I’m informed!’  Oh really?  Have you paid attention or actually READ any of the Bills proposed in the house and senate and tracked their progress?  Do you truly understand what those bills will do to/mean to you? To the system of government?  Have you studied similar approaches and instances in history?  Have you studied history at ALL beyond textbooks? No? Then you are controlled because you’re letting the government and the media [which at this point is by and large on the national scale no more than the propaganda ministry for the government] do your thinking FOR you, and dictating what you learn instead of opening your mind and help you understand how you’re being controlled.

Quote unquote Class Warfare is another means of control.  Think about it.  What do those of the liberal political stripe keep saying. That “the rich should pay their fair share’  Uh ‘scuze me?’  They DO pay their fair share. All it takes is a little google work boys and girls. A little google work will tell you the top 10% of wage earners…meaning anyone with an adjusted gross income of $250,000  or more per year…pay [depending on the years stats you’re looking at, pay between 50-80% of the taxes.  IOW they comprise only a small percentage of the actual tax base but pay the bulk of the tax burden.  Stop and think about that. If that does not make you go ‘daaaayuuummm.  I didn’t know that. I’ve been stupid. Why did I let those assholes manipulated me into believing something that wasn’t true?’  *shrug* there just isn’t any help for you.  The Right…
*uhhhh sorry. got derailed folks. had to take care of my father who just had surgery so…shit happens. needless to say I lost my train of thought so gonna finish this up here*
aren’t necessarily any better in certain ways some of them. Just depends on their brand or stripe if you will, of conservatism.  Stop agreeing with someone just because they say something that ‘sounds’ good.  Stop agreeing with wholly asinine and stupid fucking memes on social media just because they fit you’re own preconceived and programmed notions and prejudices. Study history and a LOT of it. Study economics…you’ll find most of what you’re being sold by the media is a false bill of goods. Don’t be programmed just by what you learn in school. Why? I’ll tell you a quick personal parable.  in High school….way back wehen..I SLEPT through my history classes and got away with it. Why?  Because I loved to study history and devoured the textbook in a matter of just a few weeks. The ENTIRE textbook, and some of you might still remember just how thick some of those damn things were. What’s more  is I knew a good portion of the material BEFORE I read the textbooks because I enjoyed history so I read and learned a LOT of it. Now I don’t read it so much anymore or remember a good chunk of it. By choice. Why? because we’re stupidly allowing ourselves to be led around by the goddamn nose. Programmed, controlled by the very government that is supposed to be our servant.

Heres a couple of final quotes and some food for thought.
1. attributed to George Washington but scholars a lot of them say…nope. still very accurate, true, and relevant  though. Even more so here in our present and in our future.  It’s why I despise the federal gov’t and think it needs to be pruned significantly with a very big damn chainsaw.
“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”
Pay attention to that last bit because we the people AND the government are being VERY irresponsible.

2. This next one is from a former slave and statesman. by the name of Fredrick Douglass.  Never heard of him? Yeah well…what did I tell you about reading history?
“No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck”
Expecting government to do everything for you and force your own preconceived notions upon everyone else….is in fact using the government to put your fellow man in slave chains. The government is a really bad slave master and will show no favorites. Rest assured if you ask the government to do this…your own neck will be in the noose, and your back will bear the same whip marks as the poor bastard you sold down the river because you were blind.


Mizzou admissions hurt by racebating shitstains

Wait…hold on *points at my face* This is my shocked face….NOT  Gonna reprint the article in full with very few snarky comments because the article pretty much says it for me. article in italic
From an article on investors.com :
Racial Politics: The University of Missouri thought it could win black students’ hearts and minds by throwing its president to the race-mongering wolves. But it only lost future enrollees with such shameless appeasement.

Uhhh…let me guess…they thought wrong?

Mizzou is lamenting a sudden drop-off in student applications. Freshman applications in 2015 fell 5% from the previous year, while graduate student applications plunged 19%. Mizzou officials cite racial protests that rocked the school last fall.

*points* Again my not shocked face.

Egged on by Black Lives Matter agitators, racial tension on the campus erupted in September after the black student body president and other activists lodged a vague complaint of an unspecified racial slur shouted at a single black student allegedly by a passing motorist. The activists weren’t even sure if the offending person was a student there.

Then there was a report of a tiny swastika drawn on the wall of a dormitory bathroom in a dormitory. No one’s sure if it was intended to insult Jews or blacks.

No matter, students of color insisted the two incidents symbolized the “systematic oppression” experienced by them at the university. And so they demanded President Tim Wolfe step down. And he did, followed by the chancellor. Both of them are white.

What were their racist crimes? They didn’t move fast enough on their own pre-protest plan to promote diversity , though efforts had already begun on an online diversity training program. Activists also complained Wolf had the nerve to choose to not get out and talk to a threatening mob after it surrounded and blocked the convertible he was riding in during a homecoming parade.


Yeah he dared to get out and talk to a mindless mob that could only shout equally mindless and stupid slogans and half assed platitudes. Sigh the world is going to hell in a handbasket and these under educated, over privileged mental defectives are worried about non existent problems.  It’s like an argument I had with a friend over the term Chicoms once.  She saw it as racist. I said…nope. It’s a short derivative of the term Chinese Communist which is not a race it’s a fucking political philosophy, and has been in use since…well hell since longer than I’ve been alive.


Tensions boiled over. Black students staged hunger strikes, and African-American football players threatened to boycott games until Wolf left. Groups of blacks cordoned off areas that were off-limits to white students.

The militancy scared off parents and students. Enrollment declines are so bad that officials are calling accepted students to encourage them to attend.

Clearly, pandering to race-baiters has backfired. Yet other colleges haven’t learned the painful lesson. Last week, Tom Rochon, the white head at Ithaca College, quit over phony charges of racism drummed up by race-mongers. His resignation came after months-long protests over claims of “racial injustice” at the school.

These misguided militants are cutting off their noses to spite their face. By hurting enrollment, they’re jeopardizing resources and scholarship money that could help African-American students.

So just so we get this straight…the colleges are now being held hostage at the point of non existent gun.  Okay okay so they’re being held hostage at point of lawsu…No fuck it. They’re being held hostage by asinine, half assed terroristic threat and bad press.  By incompetent, temper tantrum throwing, diaper wearing. snot dripping, red faced screaming infants in need of a long overdue spanking.    A very small percentage of a small percentage of the population.  Get something straight. Blacks…comprise ohhh..iirc at this point it might have risen but at last census but not by much is 14%  So to appease a very small vocal, infinitesimal  subset of that 14%…you piss off the other 86% of the population?!   Along with one suspects a fair portion of that 14%?  What the fuck is wrong with people?   With schools? With…well with everything really? Can I point out yet again that the film Idiocracy was supposed to be a comedy film? Not a prophetic, desirable and fulfillable vision of the future?!  *facepalm* I need a strong alcoholic beverage and the day isn’t even half over yet


Bookstores, the industry and shooting yourself in the foot.

Verily friends, enemies…frenemies, general haters and book family of the world…lets talk. *danger will robinson! danger!  I’ve been distracted all over the place lately and it’s late and past my bedtime so if I wander…bear with me.*    I have in the last ohhh..10 minus give or take,  been made aware of a possible campaign. A campaign to get bookstores to not carry certain authors…because well….they aren’t part of the right think crowd, don’t agree with what the right think crowd espouses and just generally refuses to kiss their ass. In point of fact said authors and their fans such as myself… go out of our way to disabuse said right thinkers of their notions.

I will point out the fatal flaw in their strategy if someone is in fact engaged in this.  It turns out that on Jim C. Hines blog…quite a few of his top posts were puppy related. he posted a round up here.  I’ll point something out to Mr Hines…dude! Why so seriously sad man?  You got a boost in traffic! Also one assumes an assload of arguments in the comments. What is an ass load anyway? Is it a metric of how much the fat in your average sized ass cheeks weighs, that is then used a unit of measure for weight?  For that matter what is the metric for a fuck ton? Is it more than a standard ton? How much more?  Eh I digress…sorry. *you were warned.*   Anyway.. forsooth man you got traffic and ping back galore for the puppy related posts. Also one guesses…you might have netted some new readers out of it;  both of the blog and your books.  Well we know you got a spike in your blog readership. Only you can tell us if there was a corresponding up tick or spike in your book sales.

Back to the topic at hand.  There’s a post over on  File 770  a comment was made. In the interests of saving ya’ll time of scrolling through the commentary to find it. here it is…with the random other stuff from the comment snipped out.

Responding at random…
I’ve talked to a couple of book store owners in Toronto and someone is sending out Jim Hines roundup of the SP/RP affair. As a result, they are stopping making orders for Correia, Wright, Torgersen, Williamson and others of the worst broadcasters who have supported homophobic statements. I would assume the originator is part of Toronto’s gay community (which was oddly intertwined for years when Baka Books and the GLAAD bookstore were next door). It’s only the independents that I’ve heard so far, but if it hits Book City or Indigo, that could be a big repercussion.
I wonder if Dex has given thought to the rebound on this.  I’ll grant you this in in toronto so it doesn’t matter to me personally since I’m in the good ol U.S. of A.   This campaign, if it exists? This is a good way to kill brick and mortar bookstores for my money.  Or at the very least hurt their bottom line. Why? Because if you piss off enough of your customers by refusing to carry what they want…they go elsewhere and your company coffers start to shrink.  I find it laughable that Dex thinks any of these aforementioned authors are Homophobic. I also find the idea of said campaign laughable.  I wonder if Dex has read any of them.  I wonder if Dex read any of them if Dex read past the first chapters?  One tends to doubt it.   Or mayhap they are homophobic because they don’t right think. They say what they mean, pull no punches, can call bullshit, bullshit.   See this killing bookstores thing has happened before.  Mostly it tends to be competition just slaughtering the competition. Either because one is closer to more customers, or has through word of mouth been told to have more friendly, actually helpful staff…etc etc.  I was in the book industry on the retail side of it so I’ve witnessed this shit first hand.  This however is character assassination..Let me tell you a tale quick like. Back in ancient times…up through ohhh the late 90’s  There used to be a host of smaller bookstores. 2 chains in particular. B Dalton and Waldenbooks. Now, I’m  not too sure what happened on the B. Dalton side but I witnessed the Waldenbooks destruction from within. See Walden used to be owned by a corporation named…Kmart. Perhaps you’ve heard of them  They for reasons of money problems iirc; sold out their wholly owned subsidiary..Waldenbooks to an up and coming and popular big box bookstore chain called…Borders.  Anyone ever shopped there?  I had a love hate relation ship with Borders.  AFter I left Walden after they took over and they closed them all..I still shopped at borders because I knew the staff at couple of the stores . [fellow former walden employees at one, and one was literally 5 damn minutes from my door]  After Borders took over they went about the systematic destruction of the company..by making bad changes that don’t work well with smaller format stores.In this case this ‘campaign’, if it exists is going after a set of authors the campaigner either has been told is baaad…or doesn’t like politically. Because as aforementioned they don’t ‘right think’ As a consequence they’re going after a large group of readers….who will…just go elsewhere.   Amazon mostly.  Which is where I get the bulk of my stuff now, anyway because with space constraints I buy mostly Ebook nowadays.  Seeing as  how this campaign is limited at the moment to small bookstores in Toronto…and I’m not sure how much of the aforementioned authors fans are in that area…might not matter a hill of beans to the stores involved. I don’t know. I know if this spreads…and gains popularity? It could blow up in the campaigner’s face, backfire.  Hell it could possibly destroy what’s left of chain bookstores if it goes way big. Walden and B Dalton gone for a long time. Borders gone for years…and the last of the big boys still standing B&N, closing store after store, year after year.   Though in the main that last one is due to the rise of ebook and e reader popularity.  I don’t see book stores cutting their own throats this way though…not if they wanna stay in business.  OTOH bookstores and publishers alike can do stupid shit like anyone else so..*shrug* we’ll see.

At any rate…the campaigner Dex speaks of should be careful of the law of unintended consequences.  This campaign could very well bite them in the ass.


27 people murdered with guns on Christmas Day? Hmmmm

I’m shocked. fucking shocked in the following fucking article I’m about to briefly dissect the fuck out of that once again the Progressive Propaganda Ministry is playing moral equivalence games. As if the guns themselves killed people. As if most of these weren’t gangland or criminal act related and NOT average citizens shooting someone.  As if stricter laws would have made one whit of difference to the criminals.  As if…stricter gun laws…would have made one whit of goddamn difference to those slaughtered like cattle in San Bernadino.  Yet folks were with in an hour or so of the news breaking pontificating that ‘oh if ONLY we had stricter gun laws the criminals wouldn’t have been able to get those awful guns!’ ignoring that California HAS all those laws. ETc ETc ad nauseum.  No. Seriously,  these people make me wanna vomit. For the record he no where states in this piece that guns must be regulated/banned.   Although  I believe from teh tone of the article it’s bloody well implied.  As usual I’m in italics.  Lets play…

In a grim reminder that violence in America never takes a holiday, 27 people were killed and 63 injured in shooting incidents on Christmas Day this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. This tally does not include people who shot themselves in suicide.

Hmmm yes yes…death in point of fact, never takes a holiday. People die every day. Whining about one particular manner in how they die as if it’s so much worse than others,  makes you look like an infant screaming because it dropped it’s binky.  Oh  lets take a look at the Gun Violence Archive website .  A website that categorically states in it’s about section that
“GVA is not, by design an advocacy group. The mission of GVA is to document incidents of gun violence and gun crime to provide raw, verified data to those who need to use it in their research, advocacy or writing.”  Yet they list the federal and state congressional districts in which the murders happen at the bottom of each incident report. Now I suppose I should give them the benefit of the doubt that they don’t in fact fall firmly on the “ban/regulate” all guns side of the argument…but even on short sleep I’m fucking skeptical.   
I’m shocked however…SHOCKED I Tell you to see that the author of this article actually had the moral and intellectual fortitude to NOT include suicide in the number of deaths mentioned in his article.  As so many might choose to do. 

The number of Americans killed in gun homicides on Christmas Day is comparable to the number of people killed in gun homicides in an entire year in places like Australia or Britain. The 27 people killed by guns in America on Christmas this year is equal to the total number of people killed in gun homicides in an entire year in Austria, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, Estonia, Bermuda, Hong Kong and Iceland, combined.

Sigh …yes yes…lets list a bunch of fucking countries in which murder with a gun supposedly didn’t happen all the while ignoring, demographics,as well as legal differences between countries…as in the way crimes are reported in the stats each year.   Forex…England? Unless you get tried, convicted and sentenced on murder charges…then even if you murdered someone….it doesn’t go in the national crime stats…as murder.  However lets ignore the 2 murders I can pull up in 20 seconds or less in England on Christmas eve and day.  One in which someone killed a an elderly man in his home. By setting fucking fire to it.   The article is short on info as are most articles, however   4 other souls made it out of the house but kinda forgot about the old man in their running out.   Poor bastard.    Oh yeah and lets compare apples and ora…no not orange; apples and POTATOES!  Seeing as how as pointed out by a friend…not a single one of those COUNTRIES can match the population density of say…NYC?

Then there was the christmas eve murder at a party. In which a man was stabbed to death after an argument at a party. Ow ow ow. Stabbing, multiple stabbing hurts boys and girls.    I love this bit from the article
“Senior Investigating Officer, Superintendent Nora Holford, said: ‘Although this is very shocking news for the community, I would urge them not to be alarmed, and we are working closely with them to reassure them.”    I’m actually sitting here shaking my head and giggling at that bit of asininity.   Because boys and girls….being stabbed to death and either being burned to death or suffocating in a fire are ‘so much better, than you know being killed with an eeebil gun. The English and others apparently think so.   Anyway lets look at some of the incidents shall we?

The dead included the parents of a young child who were shot during a robbery in Columbus, Ohio.
“Victor F. Mendez Paredes, 21, and Sayuri Casas Yerena, 18, were shot multiple times in a suspected robbery at the Wynds apartment complex on Courtside Road on the East Side. Both were shot as they sat in a car in the parking lot, Columbus police said. ”

Hmmm murder in the commission of a crime by a criminal. One presumably with a criminal record as long as my arm…therefore not allowed to own a firearm.  Yep…more gun laws would have helped there…feel bad for the child though. There are a couple other shootings in there in this same article  and oh look…shot by a perp during the commission of a crime.
a young couplekilled in their vehicle in the early morning hours near Augusta, Maine

Oh gee more people killed by criminals in the commission of a crime. what a shocker


the owner of a barbershop in Alabama who was known as “a strong voice against crime” in the community, according to local news reports.

One suspects since he was shot 2x in the back and once in the head for the coup de grace…this was in the nature of an execution by the criminal class for his daring to speak out against them.


At least two of the Christmas Day shootings qualified as mass shooting incidents with four or more people shot.
Noooo..say it ain’t so!

In one, a two-year old girl and three teenagers were injured in a shooting in a high-crime neighborhood in Jacksonville, Fla.

Ah gangbanger spray and pray by career thugs.

Later that night in Mobile, Ala., four teenagers were shot by two gunmen outside a movie theater.

and what we have here are more teenage thug wanna be’s shooting a couple other teenagers.  I’ll give the ones who were shot the benefit of the doubt at the moment as to whether or not they’re also wanna be’s. 


So far this year, we’ve averaged roughly 36 gun fatalities and 73 gun injuries each day, according to the Gun Violence Archive. So the Christmas Day tally represents something of a temporary de-escalation in the violence, but not a huge one

Wait…soooo what you and these numbers suggest is that even CRIMINALS take a holiday off. Holy fucking shit. Stop the Press! Wait…never mind this genius who wrote the article AIN’T Vicki Vale and even if he was a woman and was her…I’d still eviscerate her for her stupidity. I’d also still ask for a date and her number, but I digress. Back to the article

This year has brought renewed attention to the problem of mass shooting incidents in America. But the spate of Christmas Day violence is a reminder that many more people are killed and injured in a relentless daily drumbeat of gun crime that barely makes the headlines.

What do you mean ‘renewed attention’?  How can it be renewed attention when you, your paper and the rest of the Massively Shady Media…never  shut up about it?  Oh and problem? WHAT problem?  Do you realize that among our major crime stats;  murder is by FAR the lowest number on the books!  An infinitesimal percentage.  Oh and  “mass murders” an even MORE infinitesimal percentage of THAT infinitesimal percentage?  Yes I suspect you do but it doesn’t fit yours and the governments narrative.    Our Murder rate falls between .004-.009% every year; and since you probably forgot your math studies boyo…that’s 4 to 9 THOUSANDTHS of ONE percent!   Oh that’s number of people murdered each year as a percentage of population. Wait…What?!  Murder barely makes the headlines?  *scratches my head*  Really? You can sit there and TYPE this , this…STUPID, contradictory  statement with a straight face?  Seriously? After going through and listing several murders that made the headlines ;[3 out of 4 by the way crimes committed by actual criminals] while linking to a site that lists even more murders and backs that list up with even MORE fucking news stories, you can sit there and say murder doesn’t make, or “barely makes” the headlines?  I am astounded, flummoxed, pole axed, shocked, STUNNED even, at the lack of  logical thought in that article.  Also stunned at the lack of honesty in that statement. Well okay not really since I don’t expect honesty from the PPM but…*shrug*

I could keep going but I think ya’ll get the point.


Annnyway. here’s the link to the original article/op ed



The Idiocracy is here….

That’s right. I’m stating unequivocally, that the world as postulated in the comedy film Idiocracy…is HERE.  Sigh…and it’s gaining ground.

“but. but..how can you say this?”  I hear you ask?

Exhibit one…
idiocracy in oberlin and vassar colleges

A video in which at a professor at Oberlin blithely states “The Constitution in every day life causes people pain.”

A video in which a professor at Vassar when the “student” asks if they can shred The Constitution because it triggers them and causes a panic attack says “sure” and then goes with the student and pulls the pocket constitution apart page by page and feeds it into a shredder.

A video in which another Professor says “The Constitution is an oppressive document. The Constitution makes changes slow; it intends to make changes slow”

No fucking shit lady! Yes it was intended to make the march of the government to it’s probable eventual march to dictatorship as slow as possible and give the people a chance to stop that march dead in it’s tracks!   Sigh…idiots like these…good little feminists and marxists…are your students teachers boys and girls.  I call them idiots because that was stalin’s name for them…Useful Idiots. Folks who after their usefulness was done, were put up against a wall and shot along with rest of us or otherwise…disappeared.  This also goes for the students who sign these petitions.

Same people made the previous video getting professors/admins at Yale, Syracuse and Cornell to do the same thing

Exhibit 2.  Here we are AGAIN at Yale University
To repeal the first amendment

Yep lets repeal the 1st amendment because then you’ll REALLY have safe spaces. Behind stone walls and razor wire……*headdesk*

Here’s a pretty good response to that stupidity…
I love this response!

Exhibit the 3rd.
Oh yes we also must be made safe from the evils of the song White Christmas because it promotes racism. Makes it sound like only White is good and all other colors are baaaad and it’s a microaggression..
18 young morons signed this one…

It’s a song about…Christmas and SNOW you fucking morons!

Again..18 signatures in about an hour at George Mason University. Apparently the students the  33000+ students GMU might be smarter than their  12000+ contemporaries at Yale.  OTOH it could be GMU having more than double the students means he would have gotten the same 50+ signatures the 1st amendment petition got at Yale…if he’d added an extra hour to his time on campus as an adjustment for the difference in student enrollment sizes.

Exhibit the 4th?
Oh yeah the 2000+ page Omnibus bill to fund the federal government for another year which…I’m betting most of the people who voted YES on it…never read.  In the case of the Dems it’s just them voting in lockstep with their party like good mindless  obedient little drones.  I’m at a loss to explain the republicans that voted for it though.  2000+ pages of ‘we don’t know what’s in it we just voted for it’ funding. Or a variation on “We have to vote on it, to find out whats in it” [I hope that quote haunts Pelosi, Reid and the rest of their ilk until they fucking die. I doubt it though..]

Oooohhhhhh!  Did I mention CISA is buried in this omnibus funding bill?  You remember CISA don’t you? The bill that would give the feds power to seize info without wants or warrants?  Forces companies to turn over emails and client information to the feds upon request? Again with no warrant needed?  Yeah that particular abortion of our fundamental freedoms and 1st amendment rights was in the bill too.  Section N..page….1876 I believe it was when I looked at it the other day.   It’s called The Cybersecurity Act of 2015.  Sounds impressive and meant to protect us don’t it?  *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk*

So again I say…The Idiocracy is at hand!  Along with Orwell’ s 1984 and Animal Farm .  Along with to a smaller extent it seems, Bradbury’s Farenheit 451.  At least it seems on our college campuses and else where.

I’ll note a couple things..

1. Idiocracy was supposed to be a comedic film to entertain you; NOT some fucking prophecy you were supposed to fulfill you fucking morons!
2.Farenheit, Animal Farm and 1984 were supposed to be tales of warning. What we were supposed to avoid, NOT mother fucking instruction manuals you goose stepping, sig heiling, moronic, incompetent assholes!


Gotta love instapundit.

I do actually. Lots of fun those that know me though, know I could never post there because of my propensity for profanity and insults based upon bodily functions and excretions.  However…this is my  house and my rules so lets play.. the assholes are in italics. me in normal font,

A friend is trying to sell her house, another friend Sarah Hoyt asked Glenn Reynolds of instapundit if she could post the link to the realtors listings to try and help a friend and fellow blogger. He said yes. so the listing is up on Insty and what is some of the response?  Perpend…

“This personal BS is not what I read InstaPundit for, especially when it’s hawking something 3,000 miles away. The professor can get away with it for the InstaWife and the InstaDaughter but I do not care to have it expand into strangers scratching friends’ backs. Buy an ad with your own dime.”

Then by all means don’t read it you douchenozzle. You’re upset?  My heart bleeds purple piss. Here’s a phone card…go call someone who gives a fuck.

“How did this post get through AdBlocker?”

*gibbs slap* Because it’s a post by one of the only other people on the site to ‘have the keys to it’ if you will. why is this so hard to figure out?  Did you get dropped on your head as a child?


Thought I was on Craig’s List there for a second.

Got any friends who sell Amway? You may want to use this blog’s tremendous stock of hard-won good will to flog that, too.”

No…but if you’re gonna be a dick…why don’t you go fuck a knothole in a fence or something. We don’t want you procreating.

“I find it distasteful for you to use the power and credibility of this outstanding InstaPundit blog for your personal real estate pimp.
I am a long time reader and I can’t remember any other guest poster infringing on Glenn’s trademark.
Shame on you.”

Ah…there’s goes someone ASSUMING again.  Also probably projecting.  Did you not stop to think for one minute that if it was done, it was done with Glenn’s permission?  How odd. It says more for your mental state and thought processes than it does Sarah’s willingness to ask Glenn to post it.    Aren’t you late for an HOA meeting you hyperventalating harpy?

The house has been on realtor.com for 277 days. Someone’s obviously getting desperate to flog it. I wonder whether this is “cash for comment,” i.e. someone’s paid Instapundit for ad placement disguised as a real post; or what the story here is.

All you had to do was phrase a polite question to answer and frankly assuming Sarah would take PAY to help someone out, is obnoxiously odiferous.  Knew I stepped in something smelly this morning while mowing the lawn. didn’t know it was you. ewwww.

“Oh noes! Business bad!

You sure you’re on the right website?”

Yep.  You sure you’re not a hooker in in China trying to learn american idioms through the internet?

“I was more offended by that shitbox being called “cute”.”

Opinions are like assholes and you’re being one right now. Have a nice day.

There was far more nice responses than there were cock juggling thunder cunts with delusions of adequacy like the previous examples.   Including a response by my friend to all the thunder cunts. Which I’ll reprint here. In bold since one of the previous assholes was curious…

As the owner of this house, I want to first of all thank Sarah for offering to help generate traffic, and to Professor Reynolds for agreeing to post a link. Trying to sell this house has been an ordeal, and I’m truly grateful there are generous folks out there who are willing to help.

For those of you who are being disgusting, uncharitable, malevolent jerks, let me quickly explain.

The tenants I had living there when I decided it was time to sell the house decided they would sabotage every showing.

I gave them two months to vacate, since they had been violating the lease in numerous ways, but when the deadline came and went, they refused. They squatted in my house for months and refused to pay rent.

When I tried to get immediate possession of my house through the courts, the judge decided to be “fair” to the squatters and allowed them to live in my house rent-free for three months.

When I finally did get an eviction order, they ran off and left a WRECK of what used to be a beautiful home! It took thousands of dollars to fix it. I took it off the market temporarily, so I could mitigate all the damage that these squatters did. I only put it back on the market again at the end of July, but the Realtor site registers it from the time it was first listed, which is why it looks like it’s been on the market for that long.

Since I have no tenants in that house, I’m paying both my rent in the place where I currently live and my mortgage, which amounts to 80 percent of my takehome pay!

So, yes, I need to sell this house. I’m quickly running out of resources. The legal system screwed me by refusing to toss them out and allowing them to basically steal my house for three months without paying rent. And yes, they absolutely wrecked the property on their way out. And yes, Sarah was generous and wonderful in offering to try and generate some traffic, as was Professor Reynolds for allowing her to do so.

So no, this isn’t just an empty advertisement. It was an attempt to help a fellow blogger, and those of you who don’t even know the story behind this fiasco are sure painting yourselves as mercenary, miserly, and mean-spirited. Just what the liberals think most conservatives are!

Way to go!

Like I said. Gotta love instapundit.  Even Mr Insty himself came into this with a ‘what the fuck is ya’ll problem’ post.  Except he phrased it nicer than I did and have.

here’s the post with the hyperlinked listing that soooo offended some of the peanut gallery.

I’ll leave ya’ll to the rest of your sunday.